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Pheasant 2021

8/16/21 @ 3:00 PM
USER SINCE 1/27/17

I checked the dnr site today and the stocking list is out. Looks like they're back up to 75 thousand birds again this year up from 50 last year. They've added 10 more properties also. Still no day old chick program. 

Two months until the opener.


10/23/21 @ 1:35 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/19

Want out this morning back to the truck on less than an hour with 2 birds. Wish it wasn't so quick enjoy watching the dog more than pulling the trigger. 2nd bird sat super tight.

10/22/21 @ 8:48 PM
USER SINCE 8/23/17

Southeast WI

We have been out 3 times this week and each hunt have flushed at least one bird. Today we got 2. Lucy is getting back in hunting shape. Good start to the season. 

10/21/21 @ 8:08 AM

There is no way they released as many birds as they said they were going to.  Other than our party I maybe heard 5-6 shots opening day and the place near Chippewa Falls was packed with hunters and dogs.  We had 4 very good and experienced dogs and had maybe 10 flushes over a ton of ground that we walked.  I think it's a load of crap that the DNR charges us $10.00 for a stamp when 80% of the birds get released in a certain part of the state, AKA Madison.  I am and have been for a long time a huge supporter and consistent donator to Pheasants Forever, but they haven't done much for me in my area for quite some time.  There was a time in my area that we had quite a few pheasants around, unfortunately crops have eaten in to good nesting grounds and the DNR won't fund or don't have the funding for farmers to join the CRP programs if they even exist in Wisconsin anymore.  As far as I'm concerned WI DNR is behind in every facet including fish management.  As a matter of fact, the WI DNR is selling more land that they are buying/developing.  I go to Iowa multiple times a season and if you were to look at the public land down there, guys who have never been wouldn't believe it's public.  100's of thousands of acres of nesting, water, crops all on public land!   And they only charge $125.00 for an out of state Small Game License that allows a hunter 3 birds per day.  As for the dog training stuff.  Most state land where birds are released is open for dog training other than April 15 to July 31 for nesting purposes.  Besides that, other game bird seasons such as grouse and woodcock are open for hunting mid September.  

10/19/21 @ 6:12 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/10

What a beautiful opening weekend. It was crowded but that was to be expected. First field we went to there were a lot of hunters, a lot of birds, and a lot of bad shooting. The dnr did a great job. Went to a second field about 30 minutes away from the first field and it was a ghost town. Very few hunters. Went out and watched a guy whiff on two roosters on the path. Took my pup into the field and 10 minutes later, a solid point and I picked up someone else’s cripple. So I got to save my ammo which is good because of the ammo shortage. Paid it forward to someone when leaving who had brought the wrong size shells to the field. Glad I had both 12 and 20 in the truck. So important lesson to us all, always check your gear before hitting the field. 

Sunday was sparse but still saw some action. 

Have a great season everyone and be safe, be considerate, and most importantly have some fun. 

10/18/21 @ 8:47 PM
USER SINCE 7/28/16

If guys are “working” their dogs In pheasant stocked fields once they are stocked and the season has not opened yet are violating dnr regs. For state land it’s not as easy as federal lands because all federal lands dogs have to be leashed while walking that are not engaged in hunting during that hunting season. State needs to get on board with that program. However the guys that are “ working” their dogs are actually molesting wildlife. Saw a gentleman doing such one year and spoke with the dnr in regards.Purchase a DTA license for $30 /3 years buy birds for $10 a bird from someone who raises them, research DTA lands in your area and  “work” the dog that way. Pheasant hunt clubs were too much $$ for my blood and at $10 a bird my dogs first 2 years I released probably 60 birds. Got my first bird Saturday in 7 minutes and my bird Sunday in 10 minutes.

10/18/21 @ 10:32 AM
USER SINCE 9/10/15

They can raise 200K birds if they want and opener is still going to be quiet. The birds get pretty much run out of the hunting areas on Friday by guys working their dogs. I guess it's a free country and more power to them. We managed to get our birds Saturday and Sunday but we put on some miles and had to go into some pretty heavy cover. Beautiful weather for hunting. Good luck. 

10/18/21 @ 9:56 AM
USER SINCE 1/24/14

from what I've heard the DNR weren't able to hit their goal of 75,000 birds and were much closer to last years total. add  in the 10 new stocking locations and the additional locations for the holiday hunt stocking and most areas will get less birds than last year. i also heard there is a bill going through legislature to raise it to 200k birds.

lots of people out this weekend and very few shots heard.

10/17/21 @ 7:20 AM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

It was good to get the new puppy some work. Wish we could have bfound some birds to chase. By all accounts it was a quiet opening. Lots of hunters but not many birds.

10/16/21 @ 2:18 PM
USER SINCE 5/29/06

Opening day but did not find any birds and only heard a few shots fired, fun to be in the fields again 

8/19/21 @ 7:49 AM

Percheye, Wern used to give me wings for free.  Just call ahead and tell them what you're looking for. 

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