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Pheasant 2020

4/29/20 @ 10:28 AM
User since 1/27/17

The DNR will be reducing the pheasant stocking from 75000 to 50000 because of covid 19. Also no day old chick program this year. 

I read this in the latest WON paper.


11/17/20 @ 6:25 PM
User since 10/5/05

Went 1 for 2 on public land this morning....

11/13/20 @ 7:44 PM
User since 1/27/17

Got out today to 2 properties both had birds, I missed my one shot , nothing new there.  Would be nice if things would freeze up some spots we went you'd need hip waders. Great day to be out.

11/7/20 @ 8:08 AM
User since 8/24/07

Hunter and hound. 

I agree with your idea as well. And for those who want to stay closer to home, there is a great population of wild birds on public land in Iowa. The Hawkeye Wildlife area has a lot of acreage and bird population increased dramatically this year. 

11/6/20 @ 7:13 PM
User since 5/19/10

Well the birds are still out there. And the field I hit this morning did not have a recent drop. When I showed up at 5:55 am and saw three trucks with 6 guys and 4 dogs in the lot, I thought maybe they knew something. Then 2 more trucks showed up and I thought maybe right time right place. 

Well I walked to a spot with my dog on a leash waiting on legal shooting time. However the large group thought that as long as there was a semblance of light they could hunt. Pissed me off. So as I let them trounce through the field I took my pup off leash, walked around, and 150 yards behind the swarm one point, one rooster. Granted we had to go into the swamp, but still a great feeling. 

Then we went through another swamp where people prefer not to go, got on some hard land and busted another. 

Here’s an interesting one, my pup has “tree’d” a few birds this year. And when he does, he goes nuts barking at them. Anyone else ever seen this? He’s a GSP. 

Anyway, good luck, shoot straight, stay safe, and look on the outskirts!

11/6/20 @ 12:30 PM
User since 7/24/01

Lots of birds on public SD.  Jump in the truck and go shoot wild (mostly) pheasants.

You're welcome.

11/6/20 @ 8:13 AM
User since 8/24/07

I gave up hunting the public land years ago. Too much driving. Way too crowded and often no birds to be found. I have a young dog that “needs” to work or she is unbearable in the house. Some of the local hunt clubs offer good habitat and strong flying birds and they don’t require a membership.  Yes it costs money. To me it’s worth it to get the dog some work and hunt birds with my son. It beats having to compete for space in the field with guys chasing the bird drops. 

11/5/20 @ 8:50 PM
musky queen
User since 7/17/03

We were in the field when a drop happened. This area usually gets 3 different releases of  3 to 5 birds each. The pickup backed into the middle and released 5 birds. All flew into the swamp where even in hip boots you couldn't work as your pooch was well bathed for this quality hunt. There is more hunters yes but I drove to the  meet my partner on the other side of the area about 3 mile wallk. Never put a bird up . No other hunters then 5 cars just milling in the lot.  My partner and pooch comes out and what do you know here comes the bird truck. I always believed this was the DNR best kept secret for releases. Was it coincidence ? We travel minimally 2.5 to 3 hours to get to the nearest spot. The noon close has pretty much shut down those areas. We have shot birds this year but it really seems different this year. Now I read no releases after the gun deer season until the holiday Hunt.  I am grateful we have this opportunity to even have a chance at pheasant but where are the birds? Maybe the no doc program had a bigger impact then we thought.

11/4/20 @ 1:04 PM
User since 5/19/10

I’d have to agree with some previous comments on the number of birds. I did have a gentlemen this Saturday morning tell me he saw the dnr releasing on Friday. He got his two roosters and was out again at first light on Saturday. With the added pressure this year of fewer spots, the birds the dnr is releasing are not making it much past one-two days. 

Personally this season has stunk. My older pup may need to be retired and my younger GSP is already two sets of stitches into the season. That’s how it goes. 

Got a feeling it may be a lot of taking our guns for a walk this year and just watching the dogs work the best they can. And that’s okay with me. 

Good luck all

11/3/20 @ 12:46 PM
User since 4/8/13

There was one small drop of birds at Killsnake and Brillion for opening day. Not a 70 percent drop as stated. The DNR's one single drop was maybe 10 percent of the normal bird number.

No drops since. Not 70 percent, nor 50 percent, nor twenty percent. No percent. Where are the birds? Who has been given our birds?

I wonder if Richard Bong is looking for birds? The DNR has our stamp fees. Why settle for just a single stamp fee for the season, when the DNR gets a normal stamp fee plus an extra $12.00 per hunter each time out. 

Where are the birds? Who has had any regular bird drops and where?

10/31/20 @ 5:11 PM
User since 4/8/08

I mainly Hunt in Southern Rock County. I’ve only been getting out a couple times a week due to my job. But I have been able to find the birds. Wednesday I only saw three other hunters out. I am also a guide at a local Hunt club so if I see birds great, my dogs get to see a lot of birds at the club. For me it’s just getting them out and getting them exercise.

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