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Knee high boot recommendations

9/9/15 @ 9:46 PM
User since 6/29/04
Looking for any information on a good pair of upland hunting boots. I usually just wear my old redwing work boots. But this year, I plan on getting a boot that is going to keep my feet dry when I work cattails or have to cross over water.

I have flat feet so I'm hoping there are some options out there with arc support. Should I go neoprene or rubber, or a combination of? How well does neoprene hold up in the thorns? Also wanting one that will be easy to put on and off. Brands with warranties vs none. How insulated should I go for wisconsin weather? Thanks.

1/2/16 @ 10:01 AM
User since 11/29/01
Steve, if ya want your boots to last ya can't go everywhere a bear decides to run. Anyway, I always bought Fleet Farm boots for 30 bucks. Always popping holes so now that I am 52 I decided to buy some good boots. I ended up with Cabelas 1000 gram knee high boots for 80 bucks. After about 10 miles they leaked so took em back. No questions asked, they gave me some new ones. I got about 10 mils on theses and so far so good. They are all rubber but the ones I have are insulated. The lady said if they leak inside of one year they will replace it for free and after a year they will work with ya. I can't beat the sale price or the warranty.

12/22/15 @ 3:38 PM
User since 11/24/13

12/21/15 @ 10:26 PM
User since 7/6/09
I have worn LeCrosse Burlys for 35 years and always liked them a lot, but I bought a pair of their Aerohead 3.5 mm boots this year and have been converted. I grouse hunt around 50+ days/year and they have held up to everything I've thrown at them. I'm not just a trail hunter either, going through the thick stuff and so far so good. I do wear my hunting pants outside the boots so no problems with the neoprene so far either. They were extremely comfortable from the day I bought them. They fit nicely around the ankles so your foot isn't slipping around in them all day but come off a LOT easier than my old Burlys did. I'd definitely recommend these boots. I'll buy another pair when these do give up the ghost!

12/13/15 @ 8:50 PM
User since 1/8/03
mucks fit me perfect they are like having a old pair of tennis shoe on. Yes the neaprine won't hold up in tick cover so I got a pair of gators to go over the boots problem solved

12/11/15 @ 7:44 AM
Steve White
MEMBER since 3/17/04
Guess it all depends on how and where you hunt. I like to play in the nastiest stuff there is. Climbing, crawling, fighting my way through blow downs, etc. Very common to put 10-15 miles on a day. 5-7 days a week couple hundred days a year. Will destroy poorly made leather boots in less than one bear season. Neoprene just dont hold up to this type of abuse. Finally started finding decent leathers I can get more than a year out of. Just cant find a decent rubber on yet. One day I will!

12/10/15 @ 12:19 PM
User since 1/26/07
muck boots are very nice. but i gotta say out of all the boots i've owned my lacrosse alpha burlys are one of the nices and affordable boots. if you get the right sale you can get the at cabelas for under $150. I've owned them for two years using them for duck pheasant and deer hunting. and i hunt in them at least two days a week. no rips no tears and i use my toes to get my boots off which is a big no no i guess but i have no problems. also from right out of the box these boots were comfortable and i have wider feet.

12/9/15 @ 1:54 PM
User since 5/29/06
I bought the lacrosse arrowheads this year and cannot get over how comfortably they are. I got the 3.5 mm and never got cold this year during gun or bow hunting. Thinking about getting the 7mm based on how much I like the 3.5

12/9/15 @ 6:32 AM
Steve White
MEMBER since 3/17/04
Been searcching for something my self. Couple of years now, bu twill admit not going nuts on it either. I got 2 concerns. Durability, and fit!!!

Tried a couple of mucks. The same issue with all of them for me. They just dont fit right. Heel slips, or moves when walking. Even if they are a size small and tight. Was a bad idea anyway. As I know they are not durable! The neoprene will get torn up and full of holes in the bush. Many friends have had it happen over and over. One buys 2 pairs a year because of it. But he loves the fit so much he just keeps doing it. Duct tapes and shoe goo's them until about to fall off.

Earlier this fall looked again. Dunhmas has a great selection. Finally found a pair that fit great. Was excited by these new Frog Toggs. That lasted one whole day! Seems leaked where the rubber meets the neoprene. Half mile into a cranberry/buck brush marsh, and they were done. Brush tore a big hole in the neoprene.

Neoprene just wont cut it in the tag alder swamps, blow downs, and cranberry/buckbrush marshes.

So it's back to the drawing board again. Had luck with Burly boots in the past. But they always crack up front. Like what I see in Boggs, but everything that is full rubber seems to be insulated. Dont like that idea. May try the Lacrosse Premiums, but they have a really terrible tread. For now just have to keep the bear grease or snow seal handy. Using my leathers instead. Feet may get wet at times, but at least they are durable!

12/3/15 @ 4:40 PM
User since 7/14/09
Agree with doohop. Had some muddys that lasted me a number of seasons, and decided to try the lacrosse aeroheads. Very nice boot and comfortable. Also like the rubber piece that goes all the way up front. I did have ripping issues with my muddys, but I did put them through a lot. Overall though probably can't go wrong with either. Just wouldn't advise buying the cheapest stuff out there. Done that before and it didn't even last a season.

12/3/15 @ 2:13 PM
User since 4/30/15
Total agreement on Muck Boots. I have a pair of Woody Elites that I have worn A LOT for 6 years. They get used in the fall, for active stuff in the winter and in spring. I have used them for a week straight of all-day pheasant hunting in South Dakota. They are tough, waterproof and all-day comfortable, definitely worth the price. I will always own a pair of them!

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