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If you were to get a bird dog...

11/15/22 @ 3:33 PM

I am considering getting a bird dog strictly for pheasant and grouse/woodcock.  I don't do any duck or goose hunting.  I've always had labs but I've also had some health problems with a few of my labs.  These labs have always been flushers.  If you were to get a bird dog for upland game, what breed would you be looking at?


11/26/22 @ 11:08 PM
USER SINCE 8/24/07

So the moral of the story is, find a breed that hunts the way you like to hunt. Want a pointer that hunts closer?  Go with a continental breed like a WPG. Want a flusher that is easy to train and versatile hunting both upland and water fowl?  A lab can’t be beat. You want a big running pointer that covers a ton of ground, and you are willing to keep up with them?  A setter may be for you. 

Lots of questions. But make sure you pick a dog that meets your needs and style of hunting.  The dog deserves it and so do you. 

11/24/22 @ 5:39 AM
Pheasants & a Lab
USER SINCE 1/29/22

One thought here without ANY negativity toward another breed (all dogs are great) but I personally like watching the dog work and the excitement when she gets Birdy.  My friends have some big running pointers and use gps.  I don't PERSONALLY enjoy looking at the screen and going 80 yds to find the dog.  Just a thought.

Best of luck and whatever you get, enjoy upland hunting and the rewards having a dog.

11/23/22 @ 2:35 PM
USER SINCE 10/20/12

You should probably talk to some local breeders rather than some random internet dudes. 

11/19/22 @ 7:18 PM
USER SINCE 8/24/07

Just an illustration of how much ground an English Setter will cover in a few hours. Took a group to the game farm today. Abby did great. 

11/18/22 @ 4:13 PM
Springing Crappie
USER SINCE 9/21/18

Love my Springers and have had great days chasing Grouse with them. They are also good house dogs and have a goofy personality that will keep you laughing. One thing though, they all seem a little crazy ! 

11/18/22 @ 8:49 AM
USER SINCE 10/24/17

Birdy, I had a long-haired dachsund had the best nose of any dog I've ever seen.   I think she would've made a great deer tracking dog.   She had a lot of hunt in her.

11/18/22 @ 8:18 AM
USER SINCE 8/24/07


I had more than one person say she was a flat coat.  It makes sense.  I saw the mother and she was living in a scrap yard in Chicago when she was rescued.   Definitely a mutt with some kind of lab mix.  

She was a natural pointer and I trained her to flush on a "put em up" command.  I hunted her a few times with a friend from Offaly, Ireland who grew up on a game farm guiding hunts for pheasant and grouse.  He said she was as good as any of the dogs he hunted over.  I was surprised at how naturally she took to it with no training or bloodline. 

11/18/22 @ 7:17 AM
USER SINCE 10/24/17

Birdyboy, looks quite a bit like a flat coated retriever? might explain its hunting abilities. 

11/17/22 @ 9:37 PM
USER SINCE 8/24/07


You made two really good points. The first being that aversion to gunfire may be inbred in some dogs and you need to research their lineage and see the parents before selecting a pup. I’m watching a buddy right now struggle with a beautiful dog that is scared to death of loud noises and gunfire.  

I also have seen some great mutts in the field. I personally had a mixed breed, likely border collie and lab, who had the best nose in the world and she would dig birds out from under logs and retrieve birds in the water. I took her out once because my wife thought she might enjoy it and it was the beginning of a great hunting career for her. People always looked at her with a confusion when I let her out of the truck. Their confusion subsided when they saw her handle birds.

An old friend explained to me; “All dogs know how to hunt. It’s your job to learn how to hunt with them.”  He also used to say; “Trust the dog dummy.”  

11/17/22 @ 9:07 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/19

Hunted labs for 30 years since I was 12. The better half talked me into a Chessie her dad had them. All I can say is a lab on steroids. Has all lab personalities. But more drive more loving and more protective at home

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