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Grouse Reports ! ! !

9/12/03 @ 11:53 AM
USER SINCE 8/24/01
Let us know where youre finding the birds, what were the conditions, what type of terrain.

Lets here some good dog stories as well.

Can we attach pictures in this forum now?


10/4/21 @ 11:37 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Just got back from road trip with the wife, albeit I didn't hunt or stomp brush but spent many hours and miles driving thru back roads and co. forest roads  went up the door peninsula to gills rock then came back down and went up the west side of the bay up thru iron mtn, mi . Again never hunted but drove thru miles and miles of co forest roads and co park roads and never seen a grouse, we did see a first for me and that was a wild brood of pheasants in the peshtigo area, which i thought was cool. Did see many great looking areas in the marinette, crivitz, area that im sure hold birds.

goodhuntin all! 

9/28/21 @ 7:27 PM
USER SINCE 10/24/04

Hunting the Oneida/Vilas area. I have walked about 9 hours w/ my soon to be 10 y/o lab. We have flushed 12 grouse and 3 woodcock. We really need some cooler weather.
Steve White I talked w/ you on opening weekend up on the “high line”. I was in the gray f-150.  I usually run into you once or twice a season. Nice chat on bears ,birds, wolf and cat.

9/28/21 @ 7:13 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

Anyone have a white pickup with Utah plates?

9/27/21 @ 10:49 PM
Steve White
USER SINCE 3/17/04

Freak, that is strange. Still cool though!

I seen 3 crows today. That identified as grouse.  So I guess that's good right?

9/27/21 @ 9:10 PM
Outdoor Freak!
USER SINCE 9/26/19

The grouse we encountered were all ruffs in Canada that we’re not afraid of humans.  When I was a kid we stayed at a fishing lodge near Ear Falls.  The lodge owners called grouse “brush chickens” because they would often see them walking around the camp.  

Years ago on a bear hunt in Canada I had a ruff fly up and roost about 5 feet from me in my tree stand.  The ruff was not happy I was so close.  It puffed up and bobbed its head at me until it was too dark to see.  It was a Fun encounter.  

9/27/21 @ 7:26 AM
Swamp buck
USER SINCE 1/23/09

Thats what I heard about Canada as well but I was hoping someone had a more sporting experience.

9/26/21 @ 5:27 PM
Steve White
USER SINCE 3/17/04

Freak, Are you sure those are not spruce grouse? The are known to be that dumb. Look a lot like the ruffed grouse. Tail in flight gives them away.  

Jzzzz,  Wife tells people she never knows where the hell I am. Honestly I dont either. I embrace the ADHD, lol

It been more of the same this week. Took a few scouting hikes. In areas I wont take the dogs. 12 miles, 9 miles, 5 miles. Didnt move a thing. I have not seen a woodcock in several days.  My wife has seen nothing running baits. Today though was crazy!! I flushed a bird by 3 baits. Heard another drumming by another.

Only seen one group of hunters all week. Nice couple from Chicago. They moved a few woodcock, but no grouse.

Good friends of mine were up. Very good hunters , with very good dogs. I could not join them due to bear season.  They found 6 grouse in the morning, and 6 in the evening.  Only a couple woodcock found the bag. 

What I have really thought about much. Until talking with my local farmer few days ago. Was the hard frost we seen end of may.  It took out several of his crops.  Also a lot of the mast crops here. I have found almost no berries at all this year.  Only chokes I have seen were all the way down in lake tomahawk.   I wonder if this could have taken out some of broods?

Im sure I will start seeing more. Once I get the boys in the brush. Not seeing them on my bait routes is a bad sign always. 

Good  Luck out there. 

9/24/21 @ 1:09 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

That's rich, they ground pound them out the window or off an ATV, but hunting them w/ dogs is unsporting.  Sheesh!

My last trip to Canada was 34 years ago and I suspect I will never go back.  I'd rather stay here and have 2 extra days of doing whatever, than make the drive up there.

9/24/21 @ 12:36 PM
Outdoor Freak!
USER SINCE 9/26/19

I’ve hunted grouse several times in N/W Ontario Canada while on moose hunts.  The majority don’t fly.  They just walk around and look at you at close distance.  They appear to have no fear of humans.  Locals often shoot them with air guns.  Locals also don’t have a favorable view of grouse hunters using dogs.  It’s viewed as unethical, as dogs will easily locate all the birds in the area.  Birds will sometimes fly if you run at them, and you can get a sporting shot.  Not always the case though.  They still often stand there and walk around.  On the plus side,  most years I have seen good numbers of grouse in Canada.  Happy hunting!

9/23/21 @ 12:44 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

Ditto what Brdyboy says and be alert in the woods.  My dog is a long ranger and I put a 1 inch bell on the dogs collar making unnatural noise is a good thing to keep the wolves alert for your presnce and avoid a confrontation. No the bell does not attract them. 

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