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9/12/03 @ 11:53 AM
User since 8/24/01
Let us know where youre finding the birds, what were the conditions, what type of terrain.

Lets here some good dog stories as well.

Can we attach pictures in this forum now?

TODAY @ 7:38 AM
User since 8/24/07

Just returned after six days hunting Iron County. Bird numbers were variable depending on the day. One cover we flushed 17 birds in two hours. Went back a couple days later and did not move anything. Tuesday it was raining all day and I moved 8 birds. Thursday was perfect weather. Sunshine and very little wind. Walked almost 11 miles and flushed two grouse and one woody.  Completely shut down. Friday was windy as hell so I didn’t even bother. Most days, we saw no grouse pecking roadside at the end of the day which is strange.

Was expecting better numbers. Thankfully my shooting was pretty good and I managed to bag a good number of birds on some tough shots. 

Don’t know if I will have another chance to get back north this year. It’s always beautiful in the woods. I’d like another chance to chase the king before the snow flies. 

10/20/19 @ 10:17 PM
User since 3/8/12

Hello to all that read this.

Hunted northern taylor county and Southern price county this weekend. I was able to flush 16 different birds this weekend 15 grouse and a woodcock. Only one bird flushed close enough to shoot and connect with. Multiple aspens bit the dust. Covered a lot of ground to see the birds. I was sitting around a flush every half hr of hunting. It was slower than that. covered a lot of prime grouse country with very little action the birds were grouped together on edges. A lot of people were out sunday enjoying the nice weather.  Been in this area chasing birds for thirty yrs. Numbers are down.  Good Luck to all

10/19/19 @ 10:43 AM
User since 7/24/01

Made a quick loop this morning and got 1 partridge...looks like the rest of the day may be a washout. 

10/18/19 @ 7:39 PM
User since 7/24/01

ATVs were my blessing and my curse today.

Been trying to find my way into a huge piece of public land that's surrounded by private.  Finally figured out a good way in today and spent the day in there.  

But, not long into it a fat dude with an Amish beard came idling through with a shotgun on his lap.  He had a couple of buckets of corn and was on his way to bait his deer stand.  He was not happy to see me and spent the better part of the day checking up on me.

But, these guys run their ATVs all over back there which means many nice trails to walk.  Never saw a boot track...only ATV.  

So, he cost me some birds but I still managed 3 partridge.  I'll be back but it'll be a Tuesday or Wednesday. 

10/17/19 @ 7:26 PM
User since 7/24/01

Came up short today...couldn't get that 5th partridge.  Still, my best day of the season. 

10/17/19 @ 3:57 PM
User since 7/24/01

Hunted Price, Sawyer and Ashland county this past week or two. I saw 6-8 birds daily in Price county last week over a couple hours of hunting. Same spot this week and nothing. Hunters everywhere this week. Today I was up in Ashland county and flushed Zero in some prime spots. Dog was birdy however several times. I was back in at least a mile or two today and came across other hunters. Very few shots being heard.

10/17/19 @ 1:36 PM
User since 9/8/17

Burnett County yesterday.  My buddy has an extremely good GWP, unrelenting desire and an incredible nose.  We hunted from 9-4.  Some great looking cover, 4-8 year old popple slash and other assorted thick and wet stuff.  We flushed 3 grouse, all singles.  Shots but no birds.  We flushed and killed 4 woodcock.  All pointed by the dog.  One more wild grouse flush well out in front of us we never saw.   Very surprised in what look like pristine grouse habitat we saw so few grouse.  We really worked hard and covered a lot of ground.  The woodcock were also all singles.  I'm thinking these were local birds that had nested here?   I don't think the northern migration has come down yet.

10/16/19 @ 10:49 AM
User since 3/28/11

Hunted pretty hard for 5 days up in Forest, Florence, and Marinette county. Our place in Forest county is my comfort zone and I tend to hit the same 6 to 10 roads every year when grouse hunting and those roads are still producing but I really wanted to get out of my comfort area and find new spots these last five days.  

Day1 = 7 grouse flushed, 3 shots fired, 0 birds harvested. 

Day2 = 9 flushes (4 grouse, 5 WC), 4 shots fired, 0 birds harvested.

Day3 = 14 grouse flushed, 6 shots fired, 2 birds in the bag. 

Day4 = 3 grouse flushed, 0 shots, 0 birds.

Day5 = 15 grouse flushed, 5 shots, 1 bird in the day. 

Total birds flushed 48. I logged a lot of miles over the 5 days and hunted several new areas that I'll be sure to revisit in the future. It was great to get the dogs out on some birds, I think they'll be sleeping for the next 3 days straight, they covered a lot of ground and endured a lot of cuts and scrapes that they'll need to recoup from.   

10/13/19 @ 7:55 PM
User since 1/27/17

Hunted both the UP and Florence county wi. Flushed birds in both places , lots of leaves on the trees , saw both adult and smaller birds.  Going back in 2 weeks should be leef free by then. 

10/11/19 @ 11:54 AM
User since 3/11/17

Hunted Iron County the 27th through the 7th. Didn't hunt too awful hard spent more time in the boat. I did move birds everyday. It was still plenty thick up there but I did notice a progression of the leaves falling as the days went by. It was also nice to be there when the Doodles moved in, made for some fun shooting. We managed to get a good number of grouse through out the week and did very well on the Doodles. Our best day was last Sunday. We moved 28 birds and took 7. I imagine with all the rain and with the upcoming snow in the forecast that the leaves will be thinning out quick.

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