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Grouse Reports ! ! !

9/12/03 @ 10:53 AM
USER SINCE 8/24/01
Let us know where youre finding the birds, what were the conditions, what type of terrain.

Lets here some good dog stories as well.

Can we attach pictures in this forum now?


1/7/22 @ 3:29 PM
USER SINCE 8/24/07

Every year I plan to get up north for the end of the season. Just one more hunt. Then the holidays and work creep in and ruin my plans. 

I am haunted by the birds I missed in familiar cover in the fall that I 100% planned to follow up on in December. 

Well. Only ten more months to go….

1/4/22 @ 9:50 PM
USER SINCE 6/27/01

Got out today for one last hunt for this season. I got up no birds, saw no tracks and not surprisingly, no other hunters.  I have not hunted this woods in a couple of years, but in the past, I have always got birds up in this woods at this time of the year.  

While woods get older, Wood County has done a good job of cutting it and creating varied year classes.  Plenty of aspen if different year classes. Evergreens for winter cover.  I wasn't expecting getting a limit, but at least a flush as I have always gotten at least 1 if not a couple of flushes.

A couple of days left, I think I will go hunting pheasant hunting. 



12/20/21 @ 3:27 PM
USER SINCE 3/17/09

Fritz,  north west Vilas co., Crab lake area. This is also the same area that I contracted viral encephalitis. Most likely from a mosquito 

12/19/21 @ 4:13 PM
USER SINCE 6/27/01


would you share what county you were in with the EEE grouse?



12/19/21 @ 3:33 PM
USER SINCE 10/11/15

It;s been a very good year hear in Central Wisconsin.... I made it up to the Willow Res a few times this year with poor results.... Mostly hunted around home where "There are no birds...."  and managed to scratch out 16 grouse and 6 phesant with a very energetic 1 y/o Britt. "Swampy"

12/18/21 @ 11:19 AM
USER SINCE 12/5/08

Grouse?? What do they look like? I'm ready to sell my gear and take up bowling instead.

12/17/21 @ 3:05 PM
USER SINCE 10/24/17

This is not good news at all.  Spoke to a forester that procures wood for the Potlach mill in the UP he was seeing tons of birds all summer long but by the time the fall rolled around he said hey were pretty scarce.   Unfortunately, that is a tell tale sign of EEE or WNV.  

12/17/21 @ 7:23 AM
USER SINCE 3/17/09

Well I got the test results back the grouse was negative for WNV, but positive for EEE. This is concerning to me, I had this last year. It was not fun.

12/16/21 @ 7:04 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

I did get into the woods this week. 2 feet of snow makes for tough going but the dog didnt mind, she had a blast in the deep snow.  I wore rubber knee boots and in 20 minutes they were full of snow. I endured 2 hours of frozen feet and called it a day.  Had a few flushes from the thick spruce and balsam but unable to shoot any birds.  

This latest thaw and freeze will not be good, probably harmful to the grouse as they wont have the cover they need.  Until now the absence of frozen snow over the past 2-3 winters have been a real boost to the population. 

12/3/21 @ 11:13 AM
USER SINCE 8/24/07


I like the headline!  Wish I could read the article online but they want me to subscribe to the paper before I can see it.  However, I would agree.  The grouse numbers seem strong this year based on what I saw in the woods.  Lot's of birds grouped up late into the season.  Had one group of nine go up in front of my brother in law a few weeks ago.  We moved a lot more birds this year than last.  Once it cooled off and we had a little rain, the birds held tighter and we had better luck.  

We hunted some new territory that we've been scouting the last few years and the grouse were there!  Nice to have success and get the new dog on wild birds.   

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