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9/12/03 @ 11:53 AM
USER SINCE 8/24/01
Let us know where youre finding the birds, what were the conditions, what type of terrain.

Lets here some good dog stories as well.

Can we attach pictures in this forum now?


10/22/21 @ 8:21 AM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

Trouter, I'm sitting here, drinking coffee and making breakfast.  When the frost burns off a bit, I will grab a shotgun and start walking.  

I don't rush out in the morning, but you can stumble on birds anytime after that.  I also like to save a short walk for the last hour of shooting time.

10/22/21 @ 7:56 AM

I generally find mornings and evenings better when birds are in transition to feeding/picking grit.  Seems is that they are more vulnerable and move around quite a bit more which makes it easier for the dogs and they aren't in as thick of cover.  I've also found that they like to perch on high spots in the sun on cool mornings and you can sometimes spot them before the dog gets on them so you're a bit more ready for the flush.  I have labs so I am more less reading the dogs attitude/excitement.  I mainly hunt pheasants through out the fall, but if I hunted primarily grouse I would probably invest in a pointer.

10/21/21 @ 5:08 PM

We went for a walk around noon today near Copper Falls State Park for grouse.   The habitat looked prime and there were enough leaves off the trees for visibility, but we did not flush any birds.

What is the best time of day to hunt grouse ??

10/21/21 @ 9:26 AM

Seems to be lots of birds for the taking this year. Have had 15-30 flushes every time out in Northern Rusk, Southern Sawyer Counties.   Key for me is to get away from the beaten path.  Seems like all of the hunters and dogs tramping the easy stuff near the roads/trails have pushed the birds into pockets way back.  Popple slashes deep in the timber is where I'm seeing them.  Sometimes you need to walk a half mile/mile just to get to where you want to hunt.  Older clear cuts where they can walk around/run seem to be better.  Lots of berries too, not sure if they reblossomed or what.  You may walk a couple with none or 1 or 2 and then find one with 15-20.  I have a 4 year old Lab who has been brought up mostly on pheasants, but is having a blast!  I thought I read somewhere that years that end in 0 and 1 are the peak of the cycle which means it may start to decline for a few years.  Who knows.  Good luck and I hope this helps someone.

10/19/21 @ 4:41 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

sent you pm

10/19/21 @ 11:34 AM
USER SINCE 6/20/01

Can anyone tell me what kind of cover you're keying on?  I'm headed up to Jump River, WI for 4 days to bowhunt and want to chase some grouse while I'm up there.  

Good way to scout public land for gun season.....

Thanks much.

10/18/21 @ 2:38 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01
Hunted for a few days but I had to quit until I get some eaten.

10/17/21 @ 11:49 AM
USER SINCE 10/17/21

Hunted western UP last week. Saw lots of birds. Several days with over 30 flushes. Seemed to be more birds than last several years. Warm weather at beginning of week didn’t help the dogs or hunters. All in all a great hunt.

10/14/21 @ 7:15 AM
USER SINCE 7/29/01

Hunted ducks in northern Oconto, Forest County and a little Marinette County this past week and grouse numbers looked improved from the last two years. My son and I shot some grouse missed some birds and saw many more while scouting and hunting ducks. We duck hunted the same areas 3 weeks ago for 5 days putting on over 300 miles on gravel roads and only saw two birds and they were on blacktop near town. After our September hunt I told my son the population was the lowest I have seen in my 50 years hunting.  After this week I would rate it just slightly below average. Most of the birds were around swampy thick areas, creek bottoms and beaver ponds(where we duck hunt). We spent some time in areas with clear cut poplar that looked great but saw very few birds. Not sure why the grouse were in the wet areas it had rained every day for a week and the road to our favorite duck spot was impassable. We stopped the truck in a large clear cut Tuesday afternoon after duck hunting to let the dogs stretch and saw someone had cleaned 3 birds where we parked so someone else had some luck in that area. We did see plenty of woodcock buzzing the beaver ponds every morning if you like those, we do not. We saw grouse singles, multiple groups of 3 and one group of 5 that is now only 3  

The picture shows a nice double my son made Tuesday after missing a couple of easy ones earlier. His 10 year old Lab retrieved one bird and his pup(the one in the picture) got the other, so that was nice to see. The picture shows the type of cover we found most birds.  

We noticed very few bird hunters compared to other years.  The leaves are pretty well gone but the ground cover is still very thick but that should improve when the weather cools down and freezes . I had to put the air conditioner on in my shack Sunday it was 76F outside and smelled like stale beer and dogs inside  . 

Good luck bird hunters and I hope things improve for those struggling to find birds.........

10/14/21 @ 6:18 AM

Brule100, agreed. WNV appears to be a big threat. 

My setter is likely in her last year of hunting and I don't see another dog in my future until (if ever) the grouse population rights itself. In my area of the state (SE) I only get maybe 3 weeks of decent woodcock hunting and I refuse to chase around the pen-raised ditch parrots that the dnr stocks. I'll be sad to see it go but this may be my last year upland hunting for a while. 

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