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Grouse Reports ! ! !

9/12/03 @ 11:53 AM
USER SINCE 8/24/01
Let us know where youre finding the birds, what were the conditions, what type of terrain.

Lets here some good dog stories as well.

Can we attach pictures in this forum now?


TODAY @ 7:26 AM
Swamp buck
USER SINCE 1/23/09

Thats what I heard about Canada as well but I was hoping someone had a more sporting experience.

9/26/21 @ 5:27 PM
Steve White
USER SINCE 3/17/04

Freak, Are you sure those are not spruce grouse? The are known to be that dumb. Look a lot like the ruffed grouse. Tail in flight gives them away.  

Jzzzz,  Wife tells people she never knows where the hell I am. Honestly I dont either. I embrace the ADHD, lol

It been more of the same this week. Took a few scouting hikes. In areas I wont take the dogs. 12 miles, 9 miles, 5 miles. Didnt move a thing. I have not seen a woodcock in several days.  My wife has seen nothing running baits. Today though was crazy!! I flushed a bird by 3 baits. Heard another drumming by another.

Only seen one group of hunters all week. Nice couple from Chicago. They moved a few woodcock, but no grouse.

Good friends of mine were up. Very good hunters , with very good dogs. I could not join them due to bear season.  They found 6 grouse in the morning, and 6 in the evening.  Only a couple woodcock found the bag. 

What I have really thought about much. Until talking with my local farmer few days ago. Was the hard frost we seen end of may.  It took out several of his crops.  Also a lot of the mast crops here. I have found almost no berries at all this year.  Only chokes I have seen were all the way down in lake tomahawk.   I wonder if this could have taken out some of broods?

Im sure I will start seeing more. Once I get the boys in the brush. Not seeing them on my bait routes is a bad sign always. 

Good  Luck out there. 

9/24/21 @ 1:09 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

That's rich, they ground pound them out the window or off an ATV, but hunting them w/ dogs is unsporting.  Sheesh!

My last trip to Canada was 34 years ago and I suspect I will never go back.  I'd rather stay here and have 2 extra days of doing whatever, than make the drive up there.

9/24/21 @ 12:36 PM
Outdoor Freak!
USER SINCE 9/26/19

I’ve hunted grouse several times in N/W Ontario Canada while on moose hunts.  The majority don’t fly.  They just walk around and look at you at close distance.  They appear to have no fear of humans.  Locals often shoot them with air guns.  Locals also don’t have a favorable view of grouse hunters using dogs.  It’s viewed as unethical, as dogs will easily locate all the birds in the area.  Birds will sometimes fly if you run at them, and you can get a sporting shot.  Not always the case though.  They still often stand there and walk around.  On the plus side,  most years I have seen good numbers of grouse in Canada.  Happy hunting!

9/23/21 @ 12:44 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

Ditto what Brdyboy says and be alert in the woods.  My dog is a long ranger and I put a 1 inch bell on the dogs collar making unnatural noise is a good thing to keep the wolves alert for your presnce and avoid a confrontation. No the bell does not attract them. 

9/23/21 @ 11:57 AM
Swamp buck
USER SINCE 1/23/09

Seems like steady grouse numbers out of Canada. Has anyone here hunted them in Canada and what was your experience. Were they sporty (strong flushers)? I've thought of making a trip for them. I've heard that they could be pretty boring and people shoot them off the road with .22 and that's not what I want. Maybe this should be in another forum.

9/23/21 @ 11:41 AM
USER SINCE 8/24/07


I hunt the areas around Pike Lake your buddy does. Usually closer to the Riley lake area west of Musky Jacks in Fifield. The DNR has some reports the last two years of dogs getting tangled up with wolves around there. In 2019, my Weimaraner Lucy came dangerously close to a juvenile just off one of the old logging trails. I’m sure the juvenile was part of a larger pack that frequents that part of the Chequamegon.  Last year I hunted that area with a buddy and his dog. No wolves encountered and no sign. 

If your dogs are well controlled, I wouldn’t worry too much. I hunted that Weimaraner for 12 years and had one close call. If they run big, like my new setter, I would not be comfortable. Last year I put Abby on  the ground for the first time and the damn dog was 200 plus yards out in a matter of seconds. She did that a couple of times and I put her up for the remainder of the week.  Been working all year on keeping her close.  We will see how she does in a few weeks once she gets a whiff of bird scent. If she runs big it’s back to the truck. 

Overall, I don’t worry too much about the wolves but try and keep the dog close.  I’m running her with a Garmin Alpha Mini this year so that will help. 

9/23/21 @ 8:15 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

soooooo were does a guy and a dog hunt safely up nort then for the partridge??   I did  afair amount in the Fifield Pike Lake Chain area years ago and a buddy still hunts that area often with GWP and hasn't had any wolf issues that I know of, is it just those certain pack areas or is it more widespread?

I am heading north for our anniversary next week and wanted to get my lab daisy out for some grouse, I'm a little spooked now by all this chatter on here, is it similar in the U.P as well?

Thanks for any info, and good civil conversation on here. Steve; its crazy how much you travel up in your area, get some rest bud! hahahah

9/22/21 @ 11:39 PM
Steve White
USER SINCE 3/17/04

If I run all my baits alone. My way. Wife does it different. Minimum 6hrs, and 92 miles.  Thats why we split up. She has been doing it all most of the year.  Since we are not willing to kill our dogs.  Checking for tracks in the January cat season is completely different. W e might put on 150 miles + in the truck. Plus dropping the snowmobile to check many more miles  The WDNR does not have anyone that tracks predators. Like a hound hunter. I begged ole Jane. To come check tracks with me.  Her knees were to bad to ride in a truck. Litterally what she told me. Amongst many other BS things.

Yet, here I am the ruthless dog hunter. That will not hunt my dogs. Because of the wolf problem. Really think about that. Just think about.  BEAR DOGS! Not bird dogs. 

Anyone that does not want to believe. its very simple. Come ride with me after a snow in January.  Glad to show you. Im sure like the WDNR wolf head. Your knees are to bad.  To just ride in a truck.

Bird notes? Nothing for me last 2 days, or the wife. Took a 6 mile hike yesterday, Where the truck could not go. Nothing at all! Wife has not seen one yet. No woodcock either. However one of our hunters. Seen 5 walk into his bait yesterday, 

Mark, Stone lake area has 3 packs working the area. Although 2 were killed  there during the last season. 

I should be seeing dozens of woodcock right now. At least a dozen grouse a day. All predator populations are up. Except for fisher. Oddly the porky numbers are way down as well.

We have a huge problem in the Northwoods.  If you think different.  Come ride with me in January!   Hell, come ride with me now. When we can only see 20% if lucky!

Trust me. You will keep them fat labs at home!!

9/22/21 @ 8:29 PM
waltereye sr.
USER SINCE 6/25/01

Put 20 miles on today, DEEP in Northern Vilas County. Perfect Grouse habitat. I'm talking backcountry roads/paths. Never seen a feather. Wasn't hunting,  just went to find a friend's deer camp. Disappointing for sure.

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