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Turkey season shutdown from Chronic virus ?

3/26/20 @ 5:08 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

I Don't think it will happen , but now Milwaukee county golf courses are closed.  

I just know I'll wait to the last minute to buy my license  .

4/18/20 @ 9:27 AM
User since 2/22/07

Same here fishboy. No turkey is worth the risk.

4/18/20 @ 8:20 AM
User since 8/29/01

I'll admit, I was torn. I easily could make the round trip and not see a sole and just pack everything I needed for a weekend. 

But after talking with some of the locals, just isn't worth it for a turkey. Good friend and my farmers wife has cancer and just suffered a heart attack. They aren't happy with the influx of all the seasonal owners starting to show up. 

Out of respect to them, I'll skip it a year. I can always buy one from the store. But I'll admit, I could really use the time out in the field. 

Stay well everyone. 

4/14/20 @ 10:00 PM
User since 6/17/11

Fishboy, good on you for making this decision. You are doing what you feel is the right thing to do. Stay well.


4/14/20 @ 8:27 AM
User since 10/10/17

Fishboy, that's too bad i'm sorry to hear that. But at 2 hours you should be able to make a trip to and from without having to stop for gas, shouldn't you? Is it possible to make a straight shot there, stay on your property, and straight shot home?

4/14/20 @ 6:38 AM
User since 7/29/01

I was undecided as to where to hunt when applying last fall Zone 2 or Zone 5. I was fortunate to pick Zone 2 where my permanent residence is and not my place up-north. Sorry about everyone that are going to miss this year by not traveling but you are doing the right thing by staying home. 

Going out today to set up my blind and pack in some of my gear for tomorrow morning. I have never hunted an opener before and it looks like it will be a cool one. I have a nice group patterned on some lightly hunted public about 10 miles from home so it should be a slam dunk(wishful thinking)LOL. 

4/13/20 @ 11:03 PM
User since 8/29/01

Guess I have no choice but to skip the season this year. Land is 2+ hours away which isn't keeping it local. Given there were only 2 confirmed cases in Marquette county, I don't want to possibly pass it on as an asymptomatic carrier. 


4/10/20 @ 4:35 PM
User since 4/11/02

Due to unprecedented crowds, litter, vandalism and the need to protect the health and safety of our visitors and staff, Gov. Evers has directed the DNR to close several state properties to public access effective Friday, April 10.

All properties already designated as public hunting grounds will remain open to turkey hunters.

No public hunting grounds have been closed as a result of this directive, including those state parks already open to spring turkey hunting.

  • State parks are open, as usual, for turkey hunting in accordance with established hunting seasons, for the youth hunt (April 11-12) and the first three periods of the regular season (April 15 - May 5).
  • Other public hunting grounds included in the directive are open for the full turkey season.
  • Be sure to check individual properties for accurate maps because hunting is restricted at certain times and in some areas of our properties.

Turkey hunters should follow public health guidance and the Safer at Home order while afield this season, including:

  • Keep it local. Stay close to home and in your community.
  • Practicing safe social distancing, leaving 6 feet between you and anyone you may encounter while in the field.
  • Hunters may only enter closed properties for the purpose of actively hunting. All preparatory activities associated with hunting, such as scouting or checking trail cameras, are prohibited at closed state properties.
  • Adults age 18 or older must accompany a youth for the Spring Turkey Youth Hunt and should be from the same household to adhere to CDC social distancing requirements.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we all go through the COVID-19 emergency together and apologize for any inconvenience. This is a rapidly evolving situation. For updates, visit the DNR website or follow @WIDNR on Facebook, @wi_dnr on Instagram or @WDNR on Twitter.

3/28/20 @ 1:44 PM
User since 6/17/11

I hunt less than 15 minutes from my house and the only one on that land(160 acres) for that period. Yes, it's in the next county(I live literally 4 blocks from Columbia Co. in Dane Co.) but that's not gonna stop me. I even called my friend(the landowner) yesterday to see if it would be OK to go up there to pattern my gun since ranges are closed. No problems, he said.


3/27/20 @ 3:20 PM
PT Yooper
PT Yooper
User since 11/1/11
3/27/20 @ 1:20 PM
PT Yooper
PT Yooper
User since 11/1/11

The learn to hunt turkey program cancelling is an idea we should all support. Mentors are awesome and the young folks love it, but mentored turkey hunting needs closeness between folks that just met each other.  Treat this disease like you’ve got it and don’t want to spread it and slow this thing down.

To all of my 65 and older friends in the outdoors, be careful out there. This one might really harm you or those you love.

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