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Putting turkey's to bed.

5/3/14 @ 9:20 AM
User since 2/10/12
What time or how late in the evening do you try to locate and get a tom to gobble.

6/11/12 @ 10:23 AM
User since 2/2/09
I just cruise(via truck), my properties I have access to in the evening. If there are toms in the fields, chances are they will be there in the morning. I really don't care what tree they are sleeping in. It's easy to re adjust your set up when he starts to gobble in the morning. (Also why I only use blinds in the rain). I also like to have back up plan. If where I set up doesn't pan out....bird goes away or seems henned up, I don't even think twice about switching properties. My favorite time to hunt is late morning on through 5pm ,that's when I go back to birds that didn't cooperate in the morning. Now that you can hunt until dark...if you know where a Tom is....why not try to tag him instead of just locating him for tomorrow. Late day birds respond to calls VERY well.

4/14/15 @ 12:49 PM
User since 6/15/01
My routine for putting them to bed is like the others... more trying to observe where they are putting up camp for the night and trying to figure out where they may fly down to in the AM.

And yes... I've set up popup blinds that morning on roosted birds without a problem. My daughter's 1st gobbler was harvested this way. Make sure you know your blind and can get it up and settled in quick and quiet. I try to set it up a bit away from their roost in an area that may cut off their fly down/morning travel route.

4/14/15 @ 9:59 AM
User since 3/30/15
Personally I've given up on putting them to bed. I've only had a fraction of the Toms in the area gobble. (admittedly I've not tried a coyote howler) It also makes for a short night, especially in the later season.

4/14/15 @ 7:52 AM
User since 1/27/14
yelptom, yes when i was little i would hunt out of a blind with my bow! But you have to know your blind and be able to set it up fast and quiet. 100 yards is getting pretty close tho specially when your trying to set it up in the dark and it's dead calm out sound is going to travel a ways. So 200 yards I'd say your good but 125 would be the closest I'd get. Hope this helped you out!

4/14/15 @ 6:47 AM
User since 4/12/15
I like to hunt in blinds instead of run and gun style so I usually just set a blind on a ridge and hope there close... my question is can you take a blind with you in the morning or at night and get within 100 yards on a gobbler and set a blind without being seeing or heard??

5/5/14 @ 8:29 PM
User since 2/15/09
My favorite way to get em to gobble on the roost in the evening is a coyote howl. I would never use it in the morning, but it almost always gets a few gobbles at night.

5/5/14 @ 4:29 PM
User since 2/10/12
Thanks for the suggestions.

5/4/14 @ 6:49 PM
Foundry Rat
User since 1/21/10
I also just listen, usually. But sometimes they will respond to some yelping and be real fired up the next morning. If you are on public it can backfire though, and you have company the next day.

5/3/14 @ 9:51 AM
User since 11/14/10
When I put birds to bed I usually go about 20-30 minutes before sunset get close to where I think they are roosting but not too close to be seen...get comfy and listen. I've never done anything to try and make them gobble. They usually do it on their own when the fly up but they don't always do that. If it is rainy or really windy I don't even bother trying to put them to bed. Chances are good they wont gobble or you wont hear them too well. But you never know until you do. Good luck...let us know if it works.

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