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How often should a guy call? new to this

3/31/15 @ 9:18 PM
User since 2/2/10
Hey guys new to turkey hunting my daughter wanted to try it for the youth hunt. So how often do you use a call? I have a slat call and a box call. 2 hen and 2 Jake decoys. Any info would be great thanks. Good luck fellas

4/7/15 @ 5:24 PM
User since 1/19/02
all great info,,, I think as stated already that less is more especially when you are in experienced the shows on tv give out a false sense of real life sometimes with all the cutting and yeplin and kik runs etc etc that goes on, you can call 3 times and have every tom in the area come runnin for you, so call a little and shut up for awhile maybe try calling again lightly in 20min if nothing shows repeat the process if birds are there they will eventually get curious and come to find you. also hunt in good hidin pop up or ground blind especially with a kid, they are comfortable and keep you dry and warm and conceal movement from figity kids... best of luck to you and whack a biggun!

4/4/15 @ 7:10 AM
Foundry Rat
User since 1/21/10
You really need to let the turkeys tell you how much to call. If there is no turkey talk going on, you don't want to be a chatter box. If there is a lot of calling, match the most talkative hen. I like to get a gobbler fired up and clam up. They usually come looking for you. If you are lucky enough to get between 2 Toms try this. Get the close one fired up and then switch to calling only when the Tom further away gobbles. The closer one can't stand you are snubbing him and talking to the other guy. It's funny how quick he'll come then.

4/2/15 @ 8:09 PM
User since 1/25/06
2 things.

1. How much experience do you have with the call? Id suggest less frequently if you are very new to calling.

2. Scout...Hands down this is the biggest thing. Find where the bird are daily...Get there during your day and BAM...Theyll show up....Not always the easiest on public but very doable....Im in central WI with a fair amount of people. I have places with birds and no hunters.

4/2/15 @ 8:09 AM
User since 1/27/14
pm sent

4/1/15 @ 10:01 PM
User since 1/8/03
I put out two Hens along with a Jake decoy. I will set the Hens to the left of my set up I'm left handed. I will place the Jake right in front of me. I set the decoys up so they are looking at me. My theory on this set up is when a Tom comes in he wants to show the Jake that he is the boss so he will display himself were the Jake can see him. This puts the Tom right in front of you and not out strutting beyond the set up. This set up works the best for me other will have different ways to set up.

4/1/15 @ 12:25 PM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
wet net, How many decoys you put out ?

Have gotten lots of birds but also should have gotten more but sometimes don't commit to coming in ? I'm thinking it's my decoy setup.

3/31/15 @ 11:32 PM
User since 1/8/03
When a bird gobbles back for the second time I will stop calling. The biggest bird I have ever shot came in silent at 9 oclock . The best tip is to face your decoys so they are looking at you.

3/31/15 @ 9:30 PM
User since 2/2/09
Youth season you get the advantage of birds that haven't been called to and spooked around by people for weeks. There's a thread on here a little ways down called Brand New to Turkeys or something like that....a few of us listed our favorite strategies. Remember scouting is just as , if not more important than how good your calling is. Good luck!

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