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4/15/15 @ 4:53 AM
User since 4/12/15
What do you like to use? Jake... hen... strutter... personally I like a strutter because it sure is fun to see them whoop up on em!

4/20/17 @ 12:28 PM
User since 11/26/01

so I struck out my first week this year, so get to go starting May 17.  Never have gotten a bird-do they decoy that late or better to pattern and sit quiet?

4/18/17 @ 3:34 PM
User since 5/29/06

I know have soulless decoys as mice chewed the eyes out of 2 decoys.  I know most decoys aren't all the realistic looking, but do you think not having eyes is a deal breaker? 

5/16/15 @ 6:00 AM
User since 2/2/10
Anyone use the funky chicken?How'd it work for ya? I am going to try one next week.

5/13/15 @ 7:02 AM
User since 1/27/14
This is the first year that i haven't used decoys at all. I'm not sure if i like the results tho, I've had to take longer shots. The first week it was ok no decoy the turkeys would come into 35 yards or so and no problem. later weeks they would hang up 50 plus or not come into range at all.

5/13/15 @ 6:35 AM
User since 3/25/14
This is the time of year that I have the best success going down to only one hen decoy and I will use my strutter at every set up.

Good Luck!!

5/12/15 @ 6:45 PM
User since 2/19/06
This season has made me a real believer in the use of decoys! I have been turkey hunting for about 19 years and have used decoys half-heartedly, with limited success. This spring during the youth-hunt weekend I set up a very realistic full body hen at attention and called in a trio of hens. The boss hen was really agitated by her and proceeded to circle and try to intimidate her by chest bumping her and actually laid down in from of her! She then pecked at her head for a while before finally giving up. Later that morning a nice tom came in following 3 more hens and I was able to pull him away from them and into range for a shot. The next morning in the same blind we had a jake fly from his roost into the decoys for a shot 3 minutes after shooting time!

During my own hunt last week, the toms seemed to be hened up, but I was able to pull a bird in from across the field with a breeding hen decoy under a strutting tom decoy I modified. I took a B-Moble and shortened the beard. I then added a pair of real wings and built a bracket for a jake fan that I can move up and down from the blind with a string. He saw that tail move and made a bee-line to kick the fake_jake's butt! It was quite a show! Heading up tomorrow with another first time hunter to see what the decoys can do this week...............

5/5/15 @ 9:52 AM
Whack 'em & Stack 'em
User since 9/16/09
I drew a permit for this upcoming weekend and have only hunted a couple of times for Turkey. During this time of the year which decoy setup works best? I have a strutter, jake, and 2 feeding hen decoys. Should I set them all out, or pick and choose? Thanks for any help!!

5/1/15 @ 8:02 AM
User since 6/1/09
The first season I use 1or2 hens,and it usually works pretty good!After that I put them away and use in the last period where the decoys work Great if you can get a Tom to answer,the decoys can usually pull him in range!I hunt mostly private land,and the late season results may be different on public land.Mid seasonI pattern them because once they are with hens it. is almost impossible to call them away ,but the hens will follow a pretty predictable route and latter in the morning the Toms will follow,set up and ambush works great!

4/22/15 @ 7:44 AM
User since 1/28/08
Had a strutting Tom and Feeding Hen out yesturday. Had a jake come running in like he wanted a fight, i shot him before he could get there, at about 2yds. last day last chance i was gonna hunt so i opted to take a jake--shed

4/19/15 @ 8:10 PM
User since 1/25/06
Had a hen out today in a corner of plowed field. Tom walked out at 50 yards and walked straight across field. Didnt give her the time of day. Would other decoys have worked differently?

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