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Brand New To Turkeys

10/30/14 @ 8:28 PM
Troy Stoeger
User since 4/2/02
Well, kind of, I went for one weekend probably 20 years ago, it was a trial of errors for both my dad and me when we went. That said, I am looking to give it another try in spring. I just applied for a spring permit (zone 3, its close and I have time to find a place to hunt). If I don't get one this year, I will apply again until I do. I really want to give this a go. Question is, what do I need? I have the gun and camo, otherwise, I am at a loss. So many different calls, decoys and the like out there, any help would be appreciated. I don't want to throw my money away on stuff I wouldn't need anyway. Thanks for any input you can provide.

Or, if any of you seasoned veterans would be willing to show a rookie the ropes, I would be more than happy to trade a fishing guide trip (inland trout, river smallies or steelhead) for your services

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4/29/15 @ 12:16 PM
User since 2/25/12
Sounds good fellas....hopefully something shows later....this was same field as last year when they showed up 200 yards away and wanted nothing to do with my hen and Jake deke. Hopefully the "killer B" draws them closer if they show. Thanks guys.

4/29/15 @ 10:02 AM
User since 1/25/06
I think it makes no difference. They are used to loud sounds in the woods. Even if the shot was an hour before Id stay with the area if it was good.

Case in point...I missed a bird last week and went to double check. The bird, who was with others, was simply walking with the flock down the other side of the hill as if nothing happened. They were right there but not close enough for a follow up shot.

4/28/15 @ 8:19 PM
User since 2/2/09
Nah...I wouldn't worry about it. Many toms have been dropped on top of their deceased rival after it was shot. Gunshots are so loud, I don't think they even register in their little brains.

4/28/15 @ 6:02 PM
User since 2/25/12
Rookie question here.....

So this will be my second spring turkey attempt. Today while I went and setup some burlap for a ground blind for tomorrows hunt, I saw an empty nitro turkey shotgun shell, someone hunted there already and got to shoot my question is....does this educate the birds and make them avoid this field??? No matter what I am going to sit tomorrow here since I set up already...thanks

4/28/15 @ 10:25 AM
User since 2/6/06
I wait to call until the gobblers have been gobbling on the roost for a while. I rarely hear hens until almost flydown and you don't want to sound too different. If you have a bird gobbling back at you, resist the urge to overcall. If they are gobbling back at you, they know where you are. If you call too much the gobbler is going to expect you to come to him as that is it happens with the real thing a lot of the time. After flydown, if I have a gobbler respond to me I don't call for 5 minutes at least. If he gobbles randomly, see if he is coming closer. if he is, don't call, he is on his way. If he isn't, wait another 5 minutes and call again then shut up. you want to work him up without sounding too excited yourself. That will get them running in. Another hint is when I developing a good technique and sound for cutting on my slate, I started getting more birds to respond. Hope this helps.

4/28/15 @ 9:51 AM
User since 1/19/02
I like to hunt by the philosophy that's similar to duck hunting the best place for a turkey hunters call is in his pocket. less is more most of the time, a few yelps and purs and don't do anything for 20-30 min after. and repeat.

4/28/15 @ 9:43 AM
User since 4/1/10
go to you tube and see how guys are calling on there. allot easier than trying to explain it and you get to see how turkeys react. good luck. also you will notice how bad of callers some hunters are and they still get birds.

4/28/15 @ 8:41 AM
User since 8/8/11
Very new to this and not sure when or how to call...

how do you determine when to use a hen call vs a gobbler call?


2/26/15 @ 3:28 PM
User since 6/24/01
I have a scope on my 10 guage and love it but don't use that gun anymore I shoot a muzzleloader fiber optic front and back. If you can keep your head down and not peak one bead is fine but the idea od a scope or front and rear sights ie 2 beads is they need to be in line so your not looking off the side or over the top of the gun. It may sound simple and it really is but when the heat is on Shi. happens and in my opinion ill take a scope or front and rear sights anytime. Remember you are now shooting your shotgun as a rifle not a point and shoot scatter gun.

2/26/15 @ 2:42 PM
User since 2/2/09
Forget the scope. Sight in your gun with the beads. Some loads may shoot a bit off center...but keep looking for one that doesn't. Scope is one more thing to worry about in my opinion. I had front and rear fiber optics when I bought gun. First thing I did was take them off and put a single brass bead on the end. Less is more sometimes.

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