Turkey Hunting

2022 spring turkey hunting

12/22/21 @ 10:17 PM
User since 5/13/02

I got zone 3 period A...lets go..

Gobble gobble...im ready

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4/29/22 @ 8:43 PM
User since 5/13/02

Hothead...hang in there...keep the faith...we all know turkey hunting can change In an instant...keep searching for birds on the property...roosting areas..strut zones..feeding areas...if none in your woods..drive to other public areas and yelp or shock gobble in the evening...ask permission on private land where you see birds..

It might take 10 no's to get one yes...just cause turkeys arent on your property one day dont mean they wont be the next...good luck...and always remember the turkey prayer...Dear turkey gods...grant us thy will to see thy bird to shoot well so that we may gurd our stomachs and tenderize our loins with the mighty flesh of Mr. Tom Gobblin..Amen


4/29/22 @ 7:15 PM
User since 10/9/05

I'm struggling for the first time. Can't seem to locate any birds on the property I'm hunting. Also can't get any gobbles. Not giving up but I'm a bit discouraged

4/28/22 @ 7:11 PM
User since 5/13/02

Just wanted to show everyone the goofy curly cue beard my first week turkey had.

Never seen one like that before


4/28/22 @ 10:54 AM
User since 5/13/02

My dads bird..i hope it turns out i had to resize it

4/28/22 @ 10:01 AM
User since 5/13/02

Wow second week started out very ugly for first 2.75 hunts.  It was my 81 year old fathers turn and its getting pretty tough for him but he trys so hard...we walked in our hunting spot yesterday morning for about the first ten steps then gobble gobble gobble. there was a pretty good size flock in the trees by us so we put out dekes and sat down.  I counted at least a dozen gobblers and about 20 hens.. flew down away from us and then i proceeded to call one back so close he shocked me when he gobbled.. he was within 25 yards but in some berry brush..he smelled a rat and left...last night we had 3 jakes at 25 yards but they saw my dad..then we had 3 toms fly up from behind us and they saw us from the tree and took off for forever...this morning we blew all the birds off another roost further in...i called a series of clucks and yelps and within 10 minutes we had a nice tom walking down the edge of the field to our decoys and dad put him down.....22lbs 3/4" spurs and a 10" beard....he'll be 82 in august...the mossberg 835 ulti mag almost knocked him over...i told him time for one ofbthose 410's everybodys using.  What a guy...


4/27/22 @ 9:42 PM
User since 3/25/06

My daughter scored again tonight! Quickest hunt I've ever been on turkey hunting. Left the house at 524 tonight (20 min drive) we were done at 558. Got to our first field and there was a lone Tom hanging out. Drove to the other entrance...knew where he was going to roost. Ran through some pines to get in front of him. Made 4 calls at him, he answered all 4 times. Ran right down the trail to us and she popped him at 15 yards. 10 mins and we were done! Truly awesome! She was jumping for joy. Two birds in two years of hunting! That little 410 is such a perfect gun for kids.


10 in beard

1 in spurs

Guess I got to put a mount together for her!

4/27/22 @ 12:42 PM
Rattle em up
User since 4/19/21

Great stories of some exciting hunts. Congrats to all! Thought my season was going to be finished first day at first light but couldn't quite convince a large Tom to come across from the neighbors property line. He strutted along the property line for 20 minutes @ about 40 yards. He might of been shy from the blind. Had it out 10 days early but its been windy and may have spooked him from what I have been seeing on camera. 

Very slow weekend as far as gobbling in the area. Made it out the last day for one more shot, again very quiet except for the sleet. Decided to go on the move after nothing was vocal. Worked my way down to the far end of the [property and heard my first gobble of the morning. Moved straight to him and setup in a little funnel. Made a couple series of calls and he came running in. 

Things changed in a hurry. Never say never til its over.

Not sure where the fish came from. LL?

4/26/22 @ 8:45 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/9/03

Thanks everyone. My arm was incredibly tired from holding that stock on my shoulder for so long! It was worth it. 

Fowler, I spend a lot of time following Dr. Mike Chamberlain’s (aka Doctor Turkey) work on Turkeys. From what I gathered, he would likely say those 4 birds were killed by great horned owls. 

I love hunting turkeys and learning more about them, I strongly suggest following Wildturkeydoc on Instagram for his Turkey Tuesday posts. Dr. Mike Chamberlain provides some amazing insights. 

4/26/22 @ 6:12 PM
User since 6/24/01

Congrats on the birds guys and thanks for sharing the stories.

 Really an exciting hunt Greenheads that sounds crazy. Would have been hard not to have your head on a swivel with all that action.

4/26/22 @ 11:32 AM
User since 6/20/13

Congrats guys. (Greenhead..Joey etc). Sounds like hunts to remember. Days like those make up for all the frustrating days and set-ups with no birds. Love the spring turkey woods  

4/26/22 @ 11:26 AM
User since 7/17/09

Whata hunt you had there greenheads, you told it well as if we were all sitting there with you.

I don't turkey hunt but enjoy reading all the experiences.

Is it common to run across dead birds like that?   Ground predators or winged predators? 

4/26/22 @ 8:26 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/9/03

After some tough hunting Wednesday and Thursday, and a missed bird Thursday morning, I rolled myself out of bed at 2:30am and made the two hour drive back to my lease Monday morning.  Man, am I glad I did.  I never experienced a hunt like this.  I pulled into my place at approximately 5:20 and decided I would just stand where we park our trucks until I heard the first gobble, then I would proceed to chase down that bird. At 5:30 a Tom shock gobbled to my crow call only 70-80 yards away from where I was parked.  I quickly set out my half strut jake, breeding hen and feeding hen out on our logging road and sat down 18 yards away from them.  I made three soft yelps and had that bird gobbling in front of me immediately.  I decided since birds were so clammed up on my previous two days of hunting, I would just shut up and let the bird come in.  He flew off his roost, displayed back and forth briefly and then walked to a game trail where he could see my decoys.  He couldn't care less about my set and proceeded to just travel north. 

I thought, "well what do I do now?  I decided to just sit out.  Not seconds after he walked away, two toms flew off the roost from the same area he came from.  They put on the same show as the first tom, but instead of going north they went south.  When they did, all hell broke loose and around 30 hens flew off the roost just below the hill I was sitting on.  Those two pushed those hens around like sheep dogs for a couple of minutes.  The hens were running everywhere!  While all of this was happening, three toms come out of the west, then two more, then three from the east, three from the south, one from the north and another two groups of tow from the west.  I couldn't believe this.  I was grinning ear to ear.  I've never witnessed that amount of mature birds in one spot all trying to work over the same group of hens.  While this is all going on there is gobbling in every direction.  It was crazy.

While these toms all tried to get to their hens, a group of six jakes came from behind me out of the west.  They all begin charging at the hens and then every one of those toms at the base of the hill I was sitting on, ran at the jakes and begin to beat the snot of them.  There were fighting purrs, legs, wings and beaks hitting every bit of those jakes.  The yearling birds didn't stand a chance.  What an incredible sight.  During this fight I hear a gobble to my right.  I turn my head and here is a male bird staring me in the eyes.  I couldn't tell if it was a jake or tom because of the shadowing.  There is no way I can swing the gun on him without every bird in the woods seeing me and I begin to think, "well crap, here comes the warning putts".  He didn't care.  He just turned south to join the fight.  Now while he's doing this two more males appear on my right and do the same as the last bird, then another two do the same all over again.  I'm just thinking there's no way I'm going to be able to shoot one of these birds.  There's eyes all over me, I'm totally expose sitting in the pine rows and I have no ability to turn right and shoot. 

Just when I'm thinking I'm screwed, a hen begins to angrily yelp away.  I start mimicking every sound she makes.  When she begins to yelp a nearby tom gobbles and he is close.  So close I can feel the gobbling in my chest.  When I yelp, he gobbles again.  This goes on for about 5 minutes when the hen finally runs up our north logging road, looks at my decoys and turns away.  At this point, she stops arguing with me but I can still hear that gobbling tom, spitting and drumming behind me clearly coming my direction.  Low and behold, I look to my right just with just my eyes turning this time and there he is with a jake in tow.  They see my decoys and you can see both birds are interested.  All of the other birds that were fighting and chasing below me are now gone and have moved south out of sight, but these two decided to stick around.  They beeline it right for the decoys, but I have to wait to shoot or I'm going to end up shooting both of them.  Finally the two separate, the jake is picking a fight with my jake decoy and the tom is strutting to my breeding hen decoy.  He gets on top of my decoy and that was finally my chance.  I dropped him at 18 yards and the craziest turkey hunt I have ever experienced was over.  I sat there and just soaked it all in for a couple of minutes.

This is one that I will never forget.  Outside of my first turkey, this bird may be my most memorable tom.  He ended up with an 8" beard, a 1 1/8" spur and a 1 1/4" spur.  I've been lucky enough to take 11 birds over the last 9 years now.  It's great to know I have so many birds around after finding four dead birds on the property on Tuesday.  I assume that each were killed by predators and not the avian flu considering they were all at the bases of trees.  I can't wait to get back out there in 8 more days.  7 tags to go between zones 1, 2 and 3!

Sorry for the long story, this one was to exciting to not share.

4/25/22 @ 10:04 AM
User since 5/13/02

Hunted everday of the first season wednesday til sunday morning...had a great time time saw plenty of birds in fact im amazed at how many birds i saw but for whatever reason this didnt work or they went this way instead if that or they were just out of range...but man did i see birds...yesterday in the dark walking in and the whole woods erupted w birds...i would say there were 7 big gobblers and 4-5 jakes w about 20 hens...i worked around them and set up under 2 toms. I had one on the left of me and one on the right...i was so close i could see them in the tree...i put up a hen decoy and my homemade strutting tom right behind her and i sat down about 4 feet behind the tom...after 20 minutes of non stop gobbles both toms flew down right over the top of me and landed in a little field 35 yards out...both went right into full strut and the biggest bird saw my dekes and without any hesitation he was coming..i had my crossbow scope on him and let him come..at about 8 yards i let'er rip...and i heard the bolt go through the body..he hobbled about 18 yards and layed down...it took a couple of minutes until it was lights out but the other tom hung around in my dekes at 7 yards for about 10 minutes..i finally waved to chase him away...so he didnt go 20...25lbs..1.25" spurs and a 6" curly cue beard...i figure a 4 yr old....i.love turkey hunting so much..got tags 5th and 6th season so we shall see...good luck everyone


4/25/22 @ 9:35 AM
User since 1/19/02

Where are the turkeys!???

Hunted with my buddy this weekend zone 2, washington co and surrounding areas, he did see some birds birds earlier in the week and Saturday AM we did have 2 toms come out at 30 yds look and peck around and then saunter off into the swamp around to an adjacent field, sat until after 10 and never seen nor heard another bird, picked up to try another property and saw 3 hens when we pulled up didnt fire up anything there and left, drove around scouting for awhile between wash. and ozaukee co, and never saw a bird out  anywhere, just bizarre on a gorgeous warm sunny day not a single strutter or turkey for that matter. Hunted last evening at another farm that ive always had luck at, was a bit windy but died down for the last hour, never saw a bird, again just bizarre. Scouting since end of March and Ive seen one tom and a few hens, nothing in any of the areas that in the past have always had birds. Must just be the weather, lol Idk but definitely a lack of birds in the areas both public and private I hunt in Zone 2.   

goodhuntin all! 

4/21/22 @ 4:08 PM
User since 3/25/06

Had 1 day to hunt..due to soccer, tball, work and other commitments. Seen alot of birds around today but they didn't come out til the sun came out. Ended up putting  stalk on a group of 4 gobblers at 1145. Got to stalk behind my strutter decoy. Soon as they seen the decoy they came running. Could of shot all 4 with one shot..had to wait til one split off enough. Finally 1 did at about 12 yards. Got him with the new Stevens 410! Might be my biggest bird ever


10 1/2 inch beard

1 inch spurs

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