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2022 spring turkey hunting

12/22/21 @ 10:17 PM
USER SINCE 5/13/02

I got zone 3 period A...lets go..

Gobble ready


5/3/22 @ 7:42 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Bird in hand!!!! if you are happy with the bird and had a good hunt that's all that matters.  I have taken several bearded hens I actually think they are pretty cool, and congrats a  7 in beard on a hen that's a darn nice one!  You take what you can when you can especially with limited hunting time available, and you got some good meat for the bbq!

Goodhuntin all!

5/2/22 @ 10:06 PM
USER SINCE 5/14/21

Had some luck this weekend… with a bearded hen! After calling in a real nice Tom for my friend early in the morning on this weekend, I sat around later in the same stand. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to turkey hunt this year, so when the hen presented herself with a 7 inch beard at 20 yards I didn’t think twice. Was this ethical?? Has anyone else shot a bearded hen?

Good luck to all those still hunting!

5/2/22 @ 6:37 PM
USER SINCE 10/9/05

Well it was 4th down and 26 for me today. And I failed to get the first down. Tried my tried and true spot this morning and I thought I heard one gobble but I'm not sure. After awhile I said the heck with this and went to the river to see if I could get a few walleyes. That didn't work so back to the woods and when I got there the field next to my spot was being plowed. So it beer and pizza tonight. 

5/2/22 @ 9:58 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Zone 3-waupaca co.

With only the weekend to hunt I was hopeful that Id get it done, met up with an old friend to Friday afternoon to do some run and gunning and mostly scout for the AM, we ended up seeing 4 toms and a handful of hens, but still many many vacant fields and many miles to see them, we ended up sitting in a ground blind at a field that he had gotten a couple birds off of last week, aside from deer nada. Still a nice evening in the blind catching up with an old friend.  Saturday AM I went to my usual spot and sat in my blind, as it started getting lighter out the geese started down below in the lake and I darn near fell out of my chair when  tom hammered at 50 yds or so, then another and another down to my left at 100yds ish. I was like well this is dumb you cant ask for a better scenario 3 toms all within  range hear some clucking and purring so there was a few hens around as well perfect! It got lighter out and I look out and I can see the tom standing up in the tree in front of me very cool  I let out a few light weeing yelps and put the calls down drink my coffee and wait  as I watch the tom wobble he flys down then another and another bird out in front of me at 40-50 yds gobblins and struting the hen starts up I call back and they get further and further down to the left of me assuming meeting up with the other birds, they met up and the 3 toms stayed down below me strutin and gobblin at 100yds just meandering following 1 hen I couldnt not get just 1 of them to break away after and hour or so poof kaiser sosai, gone, I know at this spot mid AM is my best time the toms break off and come back thru woods. hunted til 10:30 or so without seeing or hearing another bird, left to get some chow and nap for PM hunt, scouted some and did not see any birds out, weird had a hen come by in PM then left at 6 due to a massive down pour and thunder storm.  Sunday AM greeted me dry and calm just 1 gobble far off to the east, and 2 hens that i just saw fly down, at just a nice morning I was waiting for something to happen so I softend my calling and did longer pauses between calling 35-45 minutes just sat and waited. 8am and I look out and see a bright red head staring at me at 15 yds and another and another a flock of 10 jakes came right in and started circling the dekes so I picked out the biggest one and pow! that was that nice solid hefty bird, Im pumped. Wont be out again until E in zone 2.

I'm still convinced the population overall is down and that the abundance of predators has affected the turkeys behavior as far as calling etc. More research will be done though.

goodhuntin all and congrats to all the lucky hunters!

5/1/22 @ 7:57 PM
USER SINCE 10/9/05

Well it looks like the turkeys won this year. Went out again today with nothing to show for it. I have one more day before life takes over and I'm thinking about going fishing instead. For sure I'll do it again next season

5/1/22 @ 10:13 AM
USER SINCE 5/13/02

Our family ended the second week of the season with my brother coming from new berlin up to wisconsin rapids for his turkey hunt..he brought with him a nasty rain system and strong winds..we got in the woods yesterday morning by 5am..we only heard one gobble all morning and sat until 9am.  In the afternoon we got to our spot by 430pm and decided to sit on the field edge where dad and i killed our soon as we got the dekes out and sat down we saw 3 jakes cross the field at about 250 yards...i called to them and they would stop but then kept going where they wanted..a little later i saw a whole group of birds across the field by the snowmobile trail...a little later 3 more jakes started across the field and they were met by the first 3 jakes and then they all started coming our way but saw the dekes and got spooked and ran in the woods...about 630 i looked way across the field about 600 yards and w binocs i could see a very large gobbler then 2...i wanted to call to them but my call was wet and didnt work..but they did see our dekes and started heading our way..for the next ten minutes it was alot of their coming oh their not coming but eventually they made their way across the whole field towards the 150 yards they started running towards us cause they were locked in on the decoys..they came til 55-60 yards then abrubtly stopped and stood stretched out glaring at us...then came the famous alarm putt and i knew it was game over...i told my brother you got to shoot now..

Boom..he did..the second gobbler dropped down regained his footing and took to the air flying across the field straight into a large oak tree which he smashed into and fell to the brother ran across the field to where he fell but he was gone..then my brother sees him running through the brush and fires a second round..then i got involved and we chased the bird around until finally i was able to tackle it..he spurred me pretty good in the finger but thats okay..26lbs 10" beard and 1 1/8th inch spurs...good job neal..we are tagged out second week


4/30/22 @ 7:32 PM

Hothead, had a tom finally  call back once at 1130am, 80 yds down a steep bluff,came up the hill thru thick brush and came in from behind. Was 12 yds when I seen his head and he knew exactly where I was. I'll try again fifth period. My camo must glow.

4/30/22 @ 7:29 PM
USER SINCE 10/9/05

Well I went to my usual place this morning and saw nothing. So I checked out another spot and saw nothing again but enjoyed checking out the area. Rain came so I left for a bite to eat. Went back to my usual place and had a nice Tom come in but didn't quite get close enough. Was nice to see though. Then the rain came

4/30/22 @ 7:00 PM
USER SINCE 12/14/14


One of my sons most memorable hunts is when he went fall turkey hunting by himself (the rest of us went duck hunting), and he shot a large Tom. No help from anybody. My wife said when we got back from duck hunting that he was just bouncing around waiting to show us his prize. It was a great day and congrats to your son.

Still seeing turkeys in large flocks so I can imagine some properties are quiet. Good sign for hunt periods 3 and 4.

4/30/22 @ 1:47 PM
USER SINCE 12/9/08

My son went out today in less than ideal conditions; 20 mph winds with gusts to 35 mph.  Even though he staked down his Cabelas ZonZ ground blind, the wind pulled it out of the ground twice and blew it over.  So he ditched the ground blind and sat in a low profile chair in some brush at the edge of the field; covering himself up somewhat in marsh grass. Then came the rain.  He stuck it out 5 hours and finally had 2 toms show up silently.  When they saw the decoys, they sprinted across the field.  He crushed one at 15 yards.  He was very thankful.

I wish I would have been there to see it, but I slept in after a long, long week at work.

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