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2021 turkey reports

2/26/21 @ 6:20 PM
USER SINCE 10/23/20
also Can Anyone tell me if its legal to use lead shot on public land for turkey ?


5/8/21 @ 1:46 PM
big mac

Cold & quiet morning! Not a peep anywhere!

Big Mac 

5/8/21 @ 4:04 AM
big mac

Heading out this morning. Hunting south of Hatfield. South of Hwy 54.

Big Mac 

5/7/21 @ 6:11 PM
USER SINCE 3/25/06

Was able to fill my tag Thursday 5/7

Shot him about 745 in the morning. Came in with 3 hens and another Tom. Both full strut right into the decoys. Had roughly 6-8 different birds gobbling all morning. Finally got these two to commit. Very cool watching these bird work in!

10 yard shot

9.5 inch beard


Attached a picture of the birds toe on one side. I like turkey hunting but it's bass fishing season now!

5/7/21 @ 5:57 AM
USER SINCE 7/29/01

Nice job with the turkeys guys, nice to see some old timers and new hunters with success!

I always get 1st time period but drew 3rd this year. Filled my tag 5/5/21 at 6:50am. I had turkeys all around from 4:30am on until I shot. This one came into the decoys @ 20 yards with a bigger one about 30 yards. I took the sure thing and I hope to get the big boy in 2 weeks when my 2nd tag comes up. The big guy attacked the one on the ground and then my decoys after the shot. I could see 4 different Toms fanned out when I shot. I sit in a cattail marsh on the edge of an overgrown field that the turkeys love. Perfect natural blind but wet enough to keep most of the other public land guys away. 21.8# and a 10.5" scraggly beard, not much for spurs one at 1" and one 7/8".

Last year it took me 7 days of the first season and 3 days of the 3rd season to connect ( about 50 hours).  This year done in less than two hours, that's turkey hunting I guess.............

Also had a big mink stalk the decoys and stand up on it's back legs trying to sort things out.

 To the guys with tags left don't give up, I shot my biggest bird on the last morning of the season 21 years ago on a cold rainy morning when I should have stayed in bed. It had been a terrible season up until that point..........Good luck all!

5/7/21 @ 12:31 AM
USER SINCE 5/13/02

That's awesome voldie.

My dad is 80 and we also had smiling faces..I hope I can go if I make it til 85


5/5/21 @ 4:49 PM

Not my bird but always nice when your hunting buddy (85 year old father) gets the bird and then it just doesn't matter if you get one.

5/5/21 @ 3:24 PM
Swamp buck
USER SINCE 1/23/09

Nice Bird! Congrats!

5/5/21 @ 11:01 AM

This morning I shot bird number 2 on the season and he did almost everything they're supposed to do. I arrived at my lease a little before first light and with no scouting in, I made my way to a ridgetop that typically holds birds in the spring and fall.  I let out a couple of crow calls and nothing. This concerned me, but I wasn't overly worried with the history this spot has had.  I made my way west and chose a nice pinch point to setup on in the corner of the property.  As soon as I sat down I heard a bird gobble in the opposite direction of where I was facing.  I quick got up, set my decoys to my east and got back to work.  I made 3 yelps and nothing.  So I grabbed my new Weathered Oaks pot call, made a few soft yelps and purrs and nothing.  I figured I was just going to sit here and wait at this point since I knew a bird was there, I just didn't know how close he was. Sure enough a crow flies over and caws and the bird lights up at approximately 100 yards away.  I grabbed my pot call again, let out a few yelps and purrs and just waited.  After that I heard the bird fly down and immediately saw him strutting at 100 yards.  I could just tell this bird was going to work my way.  He was drumming, spitting and strutting the entire distance, only letting out a gobble when the crows pissed him off.  I picked out one gap where my decoys were to take a shot, at this distance he would be 41 yards from me and well onto our land to safely make a shot. Sure enough, he follows his line right to this gap and pops out at 41 yards.  He continues to strut and work his way to my decoy.  I took the shot at 30 yards and the #5/6 TSS dropped him like a stone.  It was 20 minutes from opening light to the time I shot this bird.  He had an 11" beard and 1" spurs.  I didn't get to weigh him, however he was surprisingly light compared to the bird I shot opening week.  I love these spring mornings in the woods and I can't wait to do it again next week!. 

5/3/21 @ 2:15 PM
USER SINCE 9/10/15

Haven't been on the trigger for anything in a while with kids coming of age and a wife that decided if she couldn't beat em, join em and start hunting. Nobody wanted to get up and go along Saturday morning so I went alone. Wasn't half way through my mug of coffee and enjoying all the gobbles when three hens came through with a nice gobbler following not far behind. Nice to pull the trigger once in a while. Life is good in the woods. 

5/3/21 @ 1:07 PM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

Mighty Hunter congrats to you and your daughter. Great story and great bird. Made my season better just reading it.

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