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4/2/20 @ 8:30 PM
User since 12/14/12

Three Toms strutting in my field today..

5/27/20 @ 3:38 PM
User since 5/13/02

Way to go Jzzzz...nothing like turkey hunting...I rather go turkey hunting than deer hunting any day...


5/27/20 @ 12:39 PM
User since 1/19/02

well as posted previously its over and i miss it already, almost zombie like this morning i was going to hop in the truck to scout..................


hunted hard in every period except A

B-zone 3 ,,,  sat up in blind that i had up on one of favorite spots and had gobbling and some hens roosted near me after fly down birds kept gobbling and within an hour they made their way to within 20yds of my blind and pow! tom down 10" beard 1" spurs done by 7am.

C-zone 2 SE wi public land trying to get my buddy his first bird hunted evenings with some encounters with birds but nothing great , we had a sunday am to hunt so scouted and found a bird on private land next to public at dark, sweet went in early to hunt public land green field in hopes to call bird over, get down to spot and theres a water ditch i try and cross first and its about 2ft deep   kasploooosssh! i roll around submerged like a camo glad wilderbeast, 40 degrees and wet we trudge on to a tree now realizing that the green field we glassed from afar at dusk is a marsh we are up to our kankles in cold muddy water, junk!  get out to intercept tom thats gobbling 100yds away and get set up for an hour before my teeth start chattering, time ta go, we re group at home and goto knock on the door of the private land owner he lets us in, and same deal very wet and 40mph winds that day sat from 10:30am til 8pm seen 3 hens tom never came hunted monday and tues and nada, dumb. great time and memories with my buddy though.

D-zone 3  hunted another private spot in waupaca that i seen 4 toms struting in the night prior got set up early near roost had gobbling and cackling at dawn, toms flew down and gobbled all the way to me sitting in an open deer ground blind they get quiet and 10 minutes later 15ft from me tom pops out and putts! and the 3 toms run off before i even think of shooting wth ugg ,, deflated i sit another half hour i hear some purring to the right of me and i peer out the window again 20ft away heres 10 heads looking at me a wad of jakes came in, waiting for them to move off they just stay there staring and clucking, i re position to shoot and end up shooting left handed side ways gangsta style, didnt work, birds run off, i made a move across field and set up again birds still gobbling sit for another hour and look just to my right bird walking down treeline i see little beard as he crosses 30 ft from me to decoys i take the shot and drop um , nice jake, time to fish now!

E- zone 2 public/private land  windy wet and wild this week, long story short chased toms on 2 private spots and run n gunned public with some good activity and toms around still not very suicidal though, ended up spooking some toms and getting attacked by cows and getting soaking wet sitting in rain, get to last day od period tuesday night 4th and long i set up in roost woods and wait them out 7pm rolls around i hear some yelps and cuts i call and call we go back and forth they are getting closer to 50yds  GOOBBBLEEEEEEE! i see red head pop up starts struting looks around putts! and they walk off wth!?? im staying put half hour goes by they start up again,down inn valley below me, i see something to my left red head and little beard, move gun and shoot pow drop bird and like 15 birds fly and run off in all directions, jake down very happy with that bird with all i went through that week.

F= zone 3 the end private land. same good buddy was lucky enough to come up and hunt with me again sat-sun  we get blind set up early sat am had  a few birds gobble and gobble far off and in adjacent large open corn fields behind us after fly down, sit and sit nothing until 10am when 4 jakes come out at about 60yds they look at decoy and perk up for light calling and just loop out into field and eat and wander off into woods, hmmm weird.   packed up and re set up blind in woodline between two fields were i know birds like to be late morning got out and was ready for morning hunt didnt hunt pm due to 80 degrees  bass and bottle bass biting, get in sunday  foggy still cool morning one bird gobblin maybe 200yds to east adn that was it, my buddy next to me whom i will call the notorious N,A,P is out cold again within minutes of sitting down, about 8am i look out window and 15yds away birds walking into decoys i see a nice beard but looks weird its a bearded hen with a 9" rope beard, only hens ive seen or taken have had a stringy spindly beard so this was a dandy. i shake and shake and punch nappy to wake up bird bird right here he grabs gun and moves to right i hear putt cluck cluck i go man shoot! he fumbles around and im ready to grab the vinci and whack er i eventually un zip window by me and grab  gun barrel and poke it out for him shes behind a bush now he takes shot and drops her!  first turkey for him hugs and high fives was great morning.

still having a tag myself i wasnt  really pumped to go the next morning after a long celebratory night......but i rolled outa the fart sack downed some water and headed out with thought of finding a bird and heading to him, get to woodline let out 3 echoing owl hoots and nada, so i go and set up by pine tree were i harvested the bird during D, some gobbling far off but nothing great, sat and called lightly with no decoys out, 6am i look out and see 4 red heads bopin out to field i put the bead on the biggest jake and down um. unbelievable season and huntingnthis spring learned alot and cannot wait to get the smoker out.

5 birds down.

great job to all hunters and cant wait for next spring

5/27/20 @ 2:04 AM
User since 5/13/02

Its over and i miss it already. the5th and 6th season's whipped my butt...I was constantly on birds and had opportunities but missed.... i cant believe the amount of birds i saw..7 different Tom's on the last day and they've all been through the ringer dodging vehicles...dodging hunters....I give them birds a ton of credit...I feel fortunate to hunt turkey on an area of the state that has a bountiful population of I'll count the days until I can go after them once again.


5/25/20 @ 3:03 PM
griff n
griff n
User since 6/17/11

Hunted the 5th and now 6th period. 3 of 4 mornings Toms crossed in the same spot going from one field to another. Set up a blind and planned on sitting there Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. Well yesterday morning a Tom came out twice within 2 hours within 15 yds of the blind I was in Saturday. Had to really talk myself into sticking with the plan and not moving back to that blind today. Stayed with the plan and got this Tom. After being on the same field for over 3 hours with 2 hens he finally left them and came looking for where my calls were coming from. With all the rain I didn't want to rut but the lanes on the place, so used Mt. bike. Ted's Turkey Trik

5/19/20 @ 10:57 PM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
User since 1/11/05

Tough going in zone 1, 5th season. Kept at it though and filled the tag. Managed a real decent batch of shrooms after I scored a nice tom. The turkey gear is now stashed until next spring. Good luck to the 6th season guys heading out. 

5/19/20 @ 10:01 PM
User since 7/6/04

Pretty slow tonight. Only saw 5 hens. Have not seen any toms or jakes the last three sits. Did find some morels though. Likely my last hunt of the season. Good luck to those hunting the final period!

5/16/20 @ 12:31 PM
User since 6/17/11

Nice bird. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing.


5/16/20 @ 12:19 PM
User since 2/4/05

OK here is a report for you. Zone 2,  5th period. This is where I grew up and still own property there so I always buy a bonus tag for there. I live an hour away so I can not roost the birds so I just set up where  they usually roost. I set up in the NW corner of my property and at daylight the only gobbles were way SE. At 7:30 I moved to the SW corner where I had another blind and first call one of the toms that I heard in  the morning answered, called again and he  answered  again. Just then a silent old tom stepped out into the field straight south of me. He looked huge standing out there. He could not stand that other bird answering me. He walked around in the field for a while, never displayed and then ran back into the woods. I gave him one more call and just like that he  came sneaking in. 27 lb, 10" beard, 1 1/4" spurs 

5/15/20 @ 9:09 AM
User since 6/17/11

Kinda thought there would be more posts on here as the leftover tags sold like crazy this year. 


5/9/20 @ 5:00 PM
User since 10/22/13

To much calling or they didn’t like the look of your decoys.

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