Want to Book a last minute Hunt?
We have plenty of Land and more than enough Birds.  Give us a call as we can accommodate you.

Exciting News: I have just acquired more new Leases for 2016 with top quality habitat in both Western and Eastern South Dakota and North Dakota.  I will have now have additional openings for both for Fully Guided and Self-Guided Hunts in both States, with Waterfowl Hunting Packages available.   

Also note that I will be offering a few very exclusive Trophy Whitetail Archery Hunts in both Dakota’s.  Call now for details on these great opportunities!

I invite you to come experience the unique Hunting opportunities we can offer…the finest Pheasant Hunting you could ever imagine.  You will have exclusive access to over 150,000 Acres of prime Pheasant hunting land in both Dakotas, thus we can assure you a quality pheasant hunt over diverse habitat. With this much property it is literally impossible to “overhunt” any of it and some of it doesn’t even get touched every year.

This lets us show our clients a good old fashioned pheasant hunt in the wide open spaces...the way it is meant to be. Rest assured you will not be turned loose on a small patch with tame-pen raised birds. This is not a Preserve Shoot, but rather a true Fair Chase Pheasant Hunt, that the real upland bird enthusiast will appreciate.

Dakota Pheasant Guide offers the following:

•    Over 150,000 Acres of 100% Wild South Dakota Pheasants-Grouse Available
•    4 Distinct Pheasant Hunting Packages to Choose From
•    Luxury Accommodations to Do it Yourself Hunts and Everything in Between
•    Discounts for Large Groups, Youth, Ladies, and Families.
•    Well-seasoned Guides and Dogs
•    Waterfowl Packages and Combination Hunts in North Dakota
•    Limited and Exclusive Trophy Whitetail Hunts Available-Call for Details
o    Please visit www.dakotapheasantguide.com for specifics
o    Or call Dennis Foster directly at 605-887-3451 or 605-887-7069
Thanks for your interest and I look forward to helping you with your
Hunting Plans