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Pickled Fish

1/2/23 @ 5:45 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 3/17/02

After enjoying a jar of herring over the last week, I started thinking about pickling some fish, I was surprised I couldn't find a thread on here.  Has anyone done it?  Have a recipe and instructions?    Go-Fish

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3/4/23 @ 11:43 AM
User since 1/7/02
I’ve pickled whitefish, northern, white bass and even did a couple of walleye once and all turned out good. One key is to trim off any of the red fat when preparing the fish. I doubt catfish would pickle well as they contain a very high fat content in their meat. 
3/4/23 @ 10:50 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 5/16/16
Has anyone tried pickling catfish? I eat northerns. Just interested in what else could be pickled, and still taste good.
2/14/23 @ 1:15 PM
User since 10/31/15

Try red port sometime, the fish pick up some color

2/6/23 @ 7:24 PM
User since 1/7/02

Mrduck, at 7 days in the pickling brine they were a little light on flavor, at 14 days they have a much better flavor and won’t be around for very long. 

2/6/23 @ 4:30 PM
User since 12/6/22

Eyesman, how did the fish come out? I am waiting for the son in law to drop off a couple of small northerns. Then I will be making some pickled fish.

1/20/23 @ 6:04 PM
User since 1/7/02

Just have to be patient for a week or so then the sampling can start. 

Pickled Fish photo by eyesman
1/4/23 @ 3:33 PM
User since 8/29/06

Been in the salt brine for a day. Stirred it up couple of times. Makes my mouth water looking at all those delicious chunks. I had about 5 lb of meat, so it should make enough to share with a few close buddies. I'll report back how it comes out. Can't wait! It's been a few years. I am going to use red onion and sliced jalapeno. I tried it once that way and never looked back. The peppers are pickled and lose all of their heat.

1/4/23 @ 2:23 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01

I use roughly the same recipe as Eyesman.  Found it on In-Fisherman.  I googled  In-Fisherman Pickled Fish and it came up.

1/4/23 @ 1:36 PM
User since 3/9/03

Very similar to eyesman

Enough fish to fill 3/4 gallon/ 5-6 average northern cut and cubed into 3/4 inch pieces

1st day brine in 1/2 cup salt to 1 quart water 24 hours

2nd day rinse off the salt water with cold water, cover with white vinegar, or if you prefer cider vinegar 24 hours

3rd day prepare brine. 4 cups white port wine 2 cups vinegar 3/4 cup water, 3 cups sugar, 3tbl pickling spice boil 5 min let cool. a

Add fish and onions in layers, you can also add lemon slices if you want. dont pack too tight. if you want a little extra wine flavor put some straight wine in the finish batch. Dont really have to use port but its cheap 3 days but best after 2-3 weeks

1/4/23 @ 12:02 PM
User since 12/6/22

Pickled Fish

5/8 cup pickling salt for each quart of fish


1 PT. White vinegar

1/8 oz. Pickling spice

1 Pt. White port wine

1 nice size onion sliced thin

¾ cup sugar 

Cut fish into chunks. Dissolve salt in enough vinegar to cover fish. Let stand 4 to 6 days. 

Keep at about 40 degrees. Take out of salt solution and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Place alternater layers of fish and onions in sterilized jar. Place hot mixture of vinegar, wine , ext. Over fish. Refrigerate and let stand one week should before using. This solution covers about 4 qts. of fish. Pickling spice maybe tied in cheese cloth and removed before pouring over fish.

My pickling recipe, enjoy.

1/3/23 @ 12:46 PM
User since 8/29/06

Thanks eyesman. I'm thawing out some pike I caught on the Miss and using your recipe. I have one somewhere that is almost identical to yours. I lost it so, I'm glad you posted this one.

1/2/23 @ 6:48 PM
User since 1/7/02

This is the recipe I use. I’ve done northern pike, whitefish, white bass and walleye with it. The added wine to the cooled brine is optional. It will add a little more sweetness to the brine if used. 

Pickled Fish photo by eyesman
1/2/23 @ 6:27 PM
User since 6/12/02

I Have one that is very good. I use Northerns or Cisco or Whitefish. Text me you # and I  can send it to you. 414-303-1586

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