Took my boy out fishing last night and we were jigging for Crappie. Sonar found them stacked up right out in front of the boat ramp. So we jigged there and caught lots of small ones. There has to be some bigger ones, too. How do you get to the big ones? OR do you think they just might be in deeper water? We were in about 10 ft of water but the fish were only about 4-7 ft deep. I was using a small Rapala Jiggin' Rap and he was using a small white jig with feather dressing. I caught a few more than him but they were still biting. On the Jigging Rap they always hit the treble hook on the bottom of the body. Sometimes it was hard to get the hook out without damaging the fishes mouth. It was fun but I want something I can put on my table.