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Vermilion in Mid- June

5/16/18 @ 2:18 PM
User since 1/12/13

I have my first chance to fish out of state this Summer, as I am going to Lake Vermilion for a week. Going to mostly be targeting musky and was wondering if any folks on here had any insight into the fisheries over there. Not looking for direct spots more so what I can expect for a pattern that part of the Summer, East end or West end a better producer, etc. PM me if you would rather, thanks for the help.

5/22/18 @ 7:45 AM
User since 5/21/03

In my opinion...maps don't tell you squat about that lake.  It's too big, has too much structure, different water colors and different forage bases.  We thought we had a plan when we got there.  Hit our bays to find weeds and find fish, right?  Show up, hit the bays and find this gross stringy, slimy weed, not the cabbage we were expecting.  So, our first plan was foiled within minutes of getting on the water.  We went to camp, talked to the dockhands and they clued us in on some spots and what was working in prior days, then we got on some fish.

I'm not saying to ignore the map, but I am saying that calling your lodge a week before and talking to people will give you more information than looking at a map.  Calling Ronnestrand would go a long way, too.  Just talking to him would be a huge benefit even if you cannot get in the boat with him.

5/21/18 @ 9:14 AM
User since 1/12/13

Scott I did PM you. I am planning to target open water but I have heard and talked to some that have said the open water bite is much much better on the West side than the East. I do have a couple of different lake maps that I have been studying, as well as doing some research, but more current info is always more current info. I have an idea of some spots to start at but again, just looking for any tips anyone can provide.

5/21/18 @ 7:43 AM
User since 2/5/14

I would target open water.  Not just Vermilion, but most systems should have a great open water bite going on in June.  Drive around and find fish/bait with your electronics and start fishing.  I'd target areas adjacent to spawning areas.  Not really sure where that would be, I've never been.  My two cents worth.  Like the other guy said though, if you can afford a guide that would probably be the the way to go so you can eliminate water quicker.

5/19/18 @ 8:53 PM
User since 7/22/06

was going to comment but after reading last 2 posts I would have said something  like you dont know what yer talking about in less polite terms then spoke the truth but the darin would ban me or warn me i would be banned so figure it out on your own ahahahahaha

5/17/18 @ 7:30 AM
User since 5/21/03

Vermillion more or less broke me last year.  Just tons of water, long runs to get to spots.  Rocks, some weeds, open water, different water colors...etc.

We lost some giants, caught a couple decent ones, but it was a grind.

My advice would be to hire a guide on day one and let them show you spots, lures and presentations.  We wanted to do that, but everyone was booked.

Luke Ronnestrand (Musky Buster) is a great guide and a great guy.  If you can book him, do it.  Outside of that, do a google search for other guys.  

5/16/18 @ 3:05 PM
Scott F
User since 6/12/10
Where will you be staying? It's a very long boat ride from the far East side to the West. So much water to cover you should probably concentrate on the areas near your resort. I spent many years fishing what I considered the central portion. Not as many resorts and a lot less pressure. That area is almost all rock and not a lot of weeds. Last time I was there was in mid June about 4 years ago. Lots of good action on the rocks.

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