I thought I would pass on something that may come of use to others if they have not done this already in the past.   I find that when fishing solo or when hooking up unexpectedly with a musky when fishing for other species it can get a little chaotic getting the net in position to land a fish.  I use a stowaway net, so if I dont have it open that adds another variable.   Many times the muskies hit close to the boat too, so there is not just much luxury of time.   Everyone knows that keeping pressure on fish is key to keeping them hooked, so sometimes what I have done with my autopilot and would work with any GPS trolling motor is simply point the bow out to open water and start moving in straight line at medium speed.  The benefit of this is it helps keep that much needed pressure on fish almost as if you hooked up while trolling.  This pressure is applied without having to consciously pull on rod while reaching for tools, etc.   It makes it alot easier to hold the rod with one hand and use the other to get whatever landing tools are necessary in position. It also keeps the fish from trashing and diving under boat etc because they will usually just plane to one side of the boat and swim in parallel.  Once you are ready to land fish, simply stop trolling motor and play fish into final landing position.  

To be clear - you are not doing this to exhaust fish and I am talking about a short time period.    I have never seen the need to do this when fishing with a partner but when going solo things do not always go as expected and this can give you those critical extra seconds