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shore landing

3/12/15 @ 2:10 PM
User since 3/7/13
Im going to stevens point for college so ill be fishing the wisconsin river For muskies And since ill be fishing from shore what is the best way to land and release one without injurying the fish. Thank you!

2/1/16 @ 5:49 PM
Todd Young
User since 6/25/15
Usually just do a water release when bank fishing. If the fish is hooked up pretty bad I use a boga grip to secure the fish while I cut the hooks. Safest way to handle them in my opinion.

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1/20/16 @ 11:51 PM
[email protected]
User since 1/20/16
Nets are too bulky to drag into shore spots in my opinion. I like a boga grip tied to a 6' section of rope. Lifting a fish on a boga grip or trying to "stiff arm" the grip with a thrashing musky attached to it will likely result in serious damage to the expandable tissues in the fish's mouth. After I clamp it on the lower jaw, I immediately let go of the grip, letting my hand slide up the line. The fish can safely thrash itself out just as it would in the bottom of a deep net bag. The boga has never come off on me. I like to do this in at least 1.5 feet of water to keep the muskies from hitting any solid objects hard enough to cause injury. No matter what anybody says, I never beach muskies on any surface for any reason. Using the boga is a little more risky for the angler, but my safety is not my primary concern. I chose to chase the fish, so I think that means the fish's safety is my primary concern. As others stated, just unhooking is the quickest and safest, but if you want to fully land the fish, the boga is the way to go. If you have any questions let me know.

3/13/15 @ 2:12 PM
User since 8/25/08
If you don't need a picture with your catch, then leaving them in the water and popping the hook out with pliers is your best option. If you want a picture and/or measurements I'd suggest investing in a big muskie net. Stowmasters are nice for shore fishing/wading since you can fold it up on your way to and from spots, just be aware that due to the lighter netting they are more prone to tangling so never try to lift a fish with the net, use it more as a pen. The first three years that I was up at Point my friends and I didn't use a net and just hand landed all of our fish. Eventually we all got hooked... BAD! Save yourself the ER bill and invest in a good net, long needle-nose pliers, and a bolt cutter that you can operate with one hand such as a knipex. There's a lot of great muskie fishing up there for shore or wading and I certainly miss it. Good luck!

3/12/15 @ 9:43 PM
muskie nut
muskie nut
User since 6/26/01
The absolute best for the fish is just reaching down with a long nose pliers and unhoooking it without ever handling it.

Another idea is going barbless and when you get it near the shore give it slack and most times it will shake off.

3/12/15 @ 9:24 PM
User since 12/6/10
A net just like if you were in a boat.

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