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My 2019 Musky Season. How was yours?

11/3/19 @ 1:35 PM
King Daddio
User since 8/4/15

I posted this on fishing reports and realized that it makes more sense to put in a discussion group. Would love to hear other people results and patterns this year.

Looks like fishing is a wrap for me this year. Finished up last week with this 44 incher on a sucker (my PB muskie). Overall fishing this year was down as compared to 2018 for my boat. I fished more hours this year and personally caught 11 muskie compared to 18 in 2018. The total muskie put in my boat with my family/guests: 24/2019 vs. 30/2018. There were definitely a lot more follows this year and if half of those follows were put in the boat, 2019 would have been outstanding. In addition to muskie, the smallmouth were hard to find and catches were down as well. I wonder if the late ice and excessive spring rain were the main effect of these results....OR.....I just suck at fishing! I'd be interested to know how this season compared to other muskie anglers past seasons.

Be safe out there the rest of this Fall and ice fishing!

 - KD

12/12/19 @ 6:19 PM
User since 9/11/02

It was a very streaky year for me. Madison and Eagle River were good to me all summer. Good numbers of fish between 35-38. Namekagon was as tough as it always is but gave up a couple nice fish. Pewaukee kicked my butt this fall. I really struggled out there but I guess that’s musky fishing. I already can’t wait to get out next year. Im going to head to Kincaid in March to scratch the itch. 

12/5/19 @ 6:43 AM
Jerry Ruffolo
User since 6/18/01

Fantastic year!!  We averaged over one fish per 6 hour trip on Green Bay, with some real big fish this year!!  There is a large group of 35-45" on the Bay that were very aggressive in late September and all of October, which made for some great trips.  As good as musky fishing was this year, the walleye fishing was also world class!!  Love this fishery!!  I cannot wait for the 2020 season to start!!  Capt Jerry.

12/4/19 @ 2:28 PM
User since 12/9/08

That's a beauty Vegas.  Congrats!

12/4/19 @ 9:07 AM
User since 5/21/03

I made it out one last time looking for a giant.  And found one.

52 by 26.5 up in Green Bay.  Still swimming.  Really made my year.

20 inch smallies. 31 inch walleye.  52 inch 45-47 pound musky.  Yah, I'm good for a while.

11/22/19 @ 12:55 PM
User since 11/6/01

Put the boat away last week. We boated 106 this season.  Good year!  Biggest was 52!  But a lot of small ones. Averaged about 34. 

11/13/19 @ 2:24 PM
User since 6/18/13

Worst year I have had in a decade. Boated 1 low 30” fish. Had 2 other bites and only a handful more follows(nothing big).  I have gotten better as a musky hunter...or so I had thought. Lol. But fishing was tougher in general this year.  I did only get to fish for them a total of 2 (4 day) long weekends and 2 other day trips. 

Oh and the 30” fish came on a Texas rigged softbait while bass fishing. Lol. I was in the front chucking big baits. Joked I must have brought the fish in for him. Hope next year is better. 

11/12/19 @ 4:14 PM
User since 9/25/17

I didn't catch anything this year (only get to musky fish 4-5 days a year).  The club I joined a few years ago fishes Lake Namakagon in Cable, WI the 2nd weekend in October.  Weather was really crappy but a few guys did catch some good ones.  I netted a 42.5" my partners PB.  Heard from locals that there were fishing tournaments on the lake for the last month.  I didn't realize it got THAT much pressure.

11/10/19 @ 5:33 PM
User since 5/28/18

I did OK this year.  I personally landed 9 muskies this year but most were between 28 to 34 inches.  In my boat various buds landed an additional 13 muskies with the largest 40 inches.  I got out 6 times so my average for the year was about 3.5 muskies per outing, which I consider pretty good.  I like to fish action lakes versus just going after big trophies. I also boated several 30 inch plus pike as an added bonus. I was able to have my brother catch his first muskie, and a brother-in-law catch 5 in one day from my boat.  Overall, a lot of fun. Best, SROCK.  

11/8/19 @ 3:19 PM
Esox JJ
User since 6/4/05

I didn't catch very many but,,,, I made it into the 50 inch club this year with my PB 51". I started going to Eagle Lake in Canada 11 years ago to try and get a 50. Every year my buddy Gary and I have seen some giants there but couldn't get any to bite. We caught quite a few 45's, 46's as well as a lot of smaller ones.  I often thought that we were trying to hard to get the 50. I caught a 49 and 1/2 a couple years ago but no matter how we moved it on the board we couldn't get the extra 1/2 inch. The guide we had said anyone else would've called it a 50, but I'm an old boy scout and I would know it wasn't a 50. This year it was official.


11/8/19 @ 11:00 AM
User since 5/21/03

I didn't get out nearly as much as I wanted.  But....I caught a couple.

Big fish in the boat was a friend's 46 incher that won a tournament.  He got another 38 that day.

I ended up netting quite a few for my wife, her highlight was a personal best 45 incher.

Netted a 49 for a friend.

Saw about 30 fish that were 50 plus inches in size.  Just couldn't get them to go.

So I'd say the season was okay.  Not great, not bad.  Kinda of came in spurts.

And I'm hoping for another giant run yet this fall.

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