I have at least 5 tackle boxes and I use Fat Heads and Sucker Minnows or Worms MORE than anything! Since my wife works at Ridgedale I am in Dicks on a regular basis so I always look to see if they have ANYTHING I don't already have that I would use. I found a Z-man HellraiZer that looked like a top water that would be fun to use and a great video to support it, although the fish they catch are on the small side. $15 is more than I care to pay for lures but Dicks sent me a $10 coupon so I stopped yesterday and picked one up. They say they come in 10 colors but Dicks only had 4 so I picked the Sunfish/Perch color and now I am waiting for the Ice to melt so I can try it. Since people are still driving out there it will be a while.

HellraiZer catching Bass