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Advice on Trout Fishing in SE corner of state

5/21/23 @ 7:43 AM
User since 9/2/04

Looking for seasonal advice on fishing Wisel Creek or the South Fork Root River. My friend just bought a hunting place near Canton, and I was hoping to go up and check it out. He says there's lots of creeks, including one that runs close to his property/Cabin there. I think, based on his address he's off of 18 about half way between either stream, but I am willing to explore, I just need some starting advice. I'd hit up a local bait/tackle shop, but I haven't found one...advice on that would also be appreciated.

I'm a bass/walleye/musky open water guy, and I used to guide in SE Wisconsin for many years.  I'm a professor at UM-Twin Cities (who just got tenure!) now. Looking for new places to fish, and this area looks really interesting. I've done some, but not much stream trout fishing in the past...mostly spinning, with some limited fly fishing experience.

Most of the videos I've turned up look like spinners or finessee plastics are what people are using.

Appreciate any advice on gear or entry points or things I should know...Secrets are great, but just enough to get started is what I'm hoping you can share.

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6/6/23 @ 11:23 AM
User since 9/2/04
?Update: The creek that runs along his property is Maple Creek. His other piece of property ?runs along a section of Wisel Creek. Any advice is appreciated.
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