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Pedal drive kayaks

1/14/21 @ 11:50 AM
USER SINCE 10/9/12

Pros and cons of a pedal drive and which ones do you like/dislike?


6/21/21 @ 10:31 PM

My wife has a old town pdl 120.  They are very stable (you can stand up).  They are very heavy.  One man can load it, but you better be a mans man... or a hell of a strong lady.  The pedal drive moves the kayak faster than you can paddle the kayak.... but it is worthless in weeds (stuck on the prop).  There is lots of storage, cup holder, rod holder, and a very comfortable seat (actually purchased a couple of these seats to place in my canoes).  It tracks for shit.  

To each there own... but I can buy three old town solo canoes for the price of one of these pedal kayaks.  It also weighs 1/3 as much.  It can carry twice as much weight.   It tracks better and is easier to paddle.  I would definitely say if you can try this stuff out ahead of time to know the difference do it.  I know ruttabaga in madison lets ya do it. 

5/21/21 @ 8:48 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

got the new kayak sitting up on blocks, pelican 130 hydrve, dont have any time to get out lol. soon, will let you know how it goes.

4/27/21 @ 8:24 AM
USER SINCE 6/23/09

Yeah, it'll definitely depend on how spooky the fish are, but I use my Hobie to long line troll shallow eyes, especially at night, all the time.  I try to limit unnecessary movements - plastic on plastic is a pretty loud noise, as well as keep my lights to the legal minimum for a kayak.  

4/25/21 @ 6:19 PM
USER SINCE 11/6/18

Noise...I use mine in the ultra-clear waters of the lower Florida keys. Fish absolutely spook from seeing me as opposed to the sound.

Hobie Mirage drive....Fishing roughly 45-50 days per year. Winter....and primarily shallow water.

4/14/21 @ 2:39 PM
USER SINCE 3/24/17

To answer your question I think it depends on how spooky the fish are on your body of water and exactly what type of pedal drive system you have. I have an old town with a pdl (prop) drive and while I think it’s still stealthier than an electric trolling motor it’s not absolutely silent either. It kind of makes a quiet hum while pedaling that I assume is from the gear mesh in “the lower unit “of the drive. I don’t think it would spook fish any worse then paddle propulsion. Be aware that I tend to fish clearer smallmouth rivers and tend to make longer casts to where I think the fish are anyway because I am more afraid of the fish seeing me.

4/11/21 @ 10:03 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

Are pedal kayaks noisy? Noisy enough to scare wallyes in shallow water?

Ive never seen one used but I have visions of "glub glub glub" as you pedal. Somebody set me straight

4/11/21 @ 8:31 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

got a pelican 130 Hydryve coming in next week. had to order it. It's a pedal boat for around $1500. 1/2 price of hobo's.   want to get out on weekends and can't fish the fox chain it's a zoo on weekends, so will take this out on some small bodies, chase some spring crappies around. Will let you know how it fares.

3/21/21 @ 3:59 PM
big mac

To the pedal kayakers:

 Due ti budget,  I'm looking for advice on a mid-priced pedal kayak advice. 

 Looking to stay between $1000 & $1500. For a complete set up.

It's use would mainly be for cranberry flowages, smaller lakes & slow rolling rivers. 

 Any advice would be appreciated. 


Big Mac 

3/17/21 @ 2:56 PM
USER SINCE 11/6/18

Hi Mark...Hobie sells a bag - manufactured and also sold a little cheaper under a different name - that fits perfectly inside the bow hatch of my revo. It's triangular shaped with the same taper as the kayak...I know for a fact that I can fit a bag of ice,a 26" redfish ,a bottle of gatorade and 5 snapper in the 12-16" range...or a bag of ice,snappers,gatorade and a 35" barracuda in it. Tight fit and I have to be careful zipping it but it'll all fit. I partially curled the 'cuda.

1/23/21 @ 9:31 AM
USER SINCE 6/23/09

Figure out what kind of fishing you'll be doing, how you plan on transporting your kayak and how you plan on storing it and go from there. I have a Hobie Revolution 13, which is only 70 lbs (hull weight). I can throw it on my Equinox, no problems. I can lift it over my head and carry it down to whatever beach launch I want. However, I primarily troll miles offshore on Lake Michigan for king salmon. I value something I can beach launch into the surf (and in the surf). It lacks stability - you'll never see me stand on it. But that's not my game anyways. 

My only complaint is lack of storage for big salmon. Pretty much have to stringer my fish. Some day I might make a switch, but this kayak suits my needs. 

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