Iowa dnr website on Thursday stated Volga lake channel cat fishing was excellent this week.

Started at 600 am, my oldest and myself had 4 poles out.

1 sonny's regular, one sonny's blood, other two with cut chubs on the bottom.

No cats. Had a couple of taps on the sonny's, but no real good hits.


Fished until 1145 .

Saw small bass flopping out once in a while.

Saw a couple of big carp flopping also.

As we were leaving another boat said they caught a bunch of crappies. Never asked on what or how big, it was raining and was starting to become a downpour.

On a side note I caught/snagged a minnow. 

I had a chub head on a 8/0 Gamatsu circle hook, had it out about 20 minutes, decide to move, so I lifted my pole and started to reel in. No hook set, just a slow lift and reel, when I got it in, there was a minnow/baby something impaled on my hook.

I assume, something had this guy in its mouth, then tried to bite, or mouthed my chub, impaling mr minnow onto my hook ?

Not sure how else this could happen?

Good luck