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Stubborn fish you can see on super clear water

5/31/23 @ 5:49 AM
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I was wondering what you folks use for the stubborn fish; mostly smallies/lergies and pike you can see freely swimming around. I tried everything I got without luck. 

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7/1/23 @ 8:16 PM
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I have been fishing there since i was a kid, over 50 years ago. Always saw bass close to shore. Could drag a line over them and they would not bite. Several years ago, while catching bluegills, I had them attack bluegills I was reeling in. I hooked a bluegill on my line, threw it out, and caught the biggest bass of my life on it. 
6/14/23 @ 6:02 AM
.Long Barrels
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Both posters below are right, long casts.  Don't blow into a spot,  fish your way in.  You can prospect a few spots then come back to them later.  Either will work.

Smallies aren't really fish you'll spook and they are gone for good.  If you have a little patience,  they'll filter back through if you give it time.  If you are a bass pro and have zero patience,  this approach isn't an option.  I can't tell you how many bass guys are just go go go 2 casts and on to the next spot...but if you fish for fun and relaxation....you can wait on fish to filter back in,  they will,  I do it all the time.  
6/13/23 @ 7:48 AM
User since 5/21/03
Not sure about your lake, but I run into this in Door County a lot.
Here's what I have learned.
Get 8 pound Suffix Nano-braid.  It casts really, really far.
And long casts are very key.  Stay away from those fish.  You know where you've seen then before, so stay away and make really long casts to them.
Have multiple rods with multiple baits ready to go.
Might want to start with a paddle tail to try to get aggressive fish.
Then move to a fluke or even better, a ned rig, if the bottom if clean.  
I like the neds because they tend to get fish that are less aggressive.  You cast it out, and just let it sit on the bottom.  Try not to move it at all.  Bass will come and pick it up, so watch your line.  When it starts moving, set the hook.
Tubes work like that too.  You can cast them out and just let them lay on the bottom.

So, get good line for long, really long casts.  Fish for aggressive fish first, then move to a ned or tube for less aggressive fish.  After you catch a few, or nothing, then move into the spot to see if fish are there.  Then move to your next spot.
6/12/23 @ 7:05 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 11/5/17
If you can see them they can see you!
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