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Widow Maker Rod from 13 Fishing

10/9/15 @ 4:19 PM
MEMBER since 6/20/14
Just picked a few of these up today in 27" UL. Ran home and slapped a new 6061 on them to see what I thought (not many reviews out yet but took the plunge based on prior success with 13 Rods). All I can say is, wow, am I ready for hard water now! These things are extremely light, and balance very well with the 6061's I threw on them. I was also surprised by how much backbone it had for a UL too, this should be very good for pulling fish out of deep water. Personally I can't afford to spend the money on a bunch of custom rods, but I have no doubt these things are going to be on-par with them as 13 promised.

More to come when I get them out on the ice. Anyone else pick one up?

10/23/15 @ 7:41 AM
MEMBER since 6/20/14
budman1987 - I picked mine up at Cabela's. They didn't have them in the store yet at the time but did online, so I ordered at their service desk and got free shipping to the store. The models I ordered were $80 (27" UL), but I see online today they are sold out of those now (as they aren't listing that model anymore). One nice thing about being able to buy at retail is I had a coupon so didn't even pay that much and feel I got a great deal on an awesome rod. More deals / coupons will be coming with black friday / cyber week from all the retailers soon if you can wait until then.

I also had a buddy pick one up earlier this week after holding mine, and he said he ordered his right from 13 fishing's website. I'm sure Gander and others will have them soon as well if they don't already. They might also have them in stores now? I haven't been to Cabela's in a few weeks but they were starting to get all the ice fishing stuff out last time I was there.

10/22/15 @ 10:46 PM
User since 1/19/03
What stores sell these and what's the price? You guys have me intrigued havnt made any investments in tackle or gear lately

10/21/15 @ 6:12 AM
User since 12/21/01
just bought one yesterday. Also got the 13 tickle stick. Lookin forward to tryin them out!!

10/10/15 @ 3:17 PM
User since 10/10/15
Yeah I picked a few of these up this week when they showed up at Cabela's as well. I did a ton of research on them before going into the store, and in hands experience backed up what I had learned. Essentially, these are the highest end rods you can buy at retail. They feel better and have better components than the customs I've used in the past - best part is they are cheaper on my bank account as well by quite a bit compared to those.

I've been fishing the 13 Omens for open water for a few years now, and love them. These rods have a higher grade toray graphite blank than those, which is crazy to me for an ice rod. The sensitivity will be amazing on these thanks to the blank.

My favorite part though is the line guides. For me, this makes or breaks an ice rod. I literally cannot stand icing of guides because I don't shack fish much. These have a brand new diamond coated line guide that no one has ever used for ice rods. The advantage is these guides actually shed water, so they wont freeze nearly as easy - this is a huge selling point for me. Can't wait to fish these things, now if we could just get some colder temps...

10/9/15 @ 6:20 PM
MEMBER since 6/20/14
Just found this video from iCast on these rods if anyone is interested -

Can't wait to use them, ice is right around the corner!

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