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Why do people use 8+ inch holes

1/9/20 @ 9:10 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14
please explain why one uses a 8 inch or larger hole.  Pike fisherman need not reply.

I swear some of those holes people punch on those lakes...I'm shocked kids haven't drowned or there a thread about "lost my vexilar" down the hole.

1/10/20 @ 9:20 AM
User since 6/12/10

I use an 8 inch because that's what I bought.  I just figured it would be better to have the tool and not need it than to lose a fish because it can't fit through a hole.  It does give me a little extra room for my transducer, but that's not the reasoning. 10 inch or bigger is pretty much unnecessary but since it's legal I wouldn't give anyone flak about it. Lake Michigan harbor fishing for salmon and trout I can see 8"+ holes being beneficial.

1/10/20 @ 6:10 AM
User since 9/24/03

“Have yet to catch a fish I couldn't fit through a 6 inch hole. Anything more is over compensation.”

Says a guy who calls himself “Size Doesn’t Matter.”

I have augers in 4 different sizes. 6, 7, 8, and 10 inches respectively. Only a fool would use the 6 inch auger fishing for trout on the Great Lakes Harbors. 

I do a fair amount of jigging for pike. A six inch hole isn’t impossible to use for this but a 10 inch hole is much much better. Clearing a transducer out of a smaller hole and not getting it tangled up in line can be tricky enough with panfish....with an aggressive slime rocket it turns into an unmitigated disaster. 

1/10/20 @ 1:48 AM
User since 1/10/20

Have yet to catch a fish I couldn't fit through a 6 inch hole. Anything more is over compensation. 

1/10/20 @ 12:00 AM
Tr carper
Tr carper
User since 6/15/15

I fish a 9 inch 99% of the time. I fish walleyes alot and in some of my spot there's a good chance of 40+ inch pike. Also it's not fun watching a pig walleye head shack at the bottom a 8in hole with a size 7 and 9 jigging rap across its face. Heck sometimes even a number 5. Aslo when on a big gill bite with 2lb test and that gill is pin wheeling and that light line hitting the bottom of the hole up the chance of break offs. I lost a crappie last year on a Madison lake late ice with a 6in hole the won't fit. So for me I dont want to take the chance of losing that possibly trophy.

1/9/20 @ 10:31 PM
User since 8/12/05

Why do Pike Fishermen need not apply? 

Once you start using a ten inch hole its kind of hard to go back. Lots of room to hand grab nice big Pike, Walleye etc.

Yep, certainly dropped my foot down one once, it was cold, but we are just careful.

Honestly I feel the perfect diameter is nine inches, but no one seems to make them anymore. Nice and large with lots of room to work but much harder to put a size 12 or 13 boot through.

Also plenty of room to hang transducer down and bring up those panfish. Once we are done fishing for Pike of course.

1/9/20 @ 7:55 PM
User since 1/9/20

Big hole big fish...??

1/9/20 @ 7:46 PM
User since 9/8/09

Try getting a 21in smallie up a 6in whole!  Barely fit in a 8in and the 22in we caught did get stuck in a 8in whole!

1/9/20 @ 7:25 PM
User since 2/28/07

Long barrels, why do you care? It's legal to have upto 12" diameter holes. if your constantly stepping into holes you should go see a eye doctor or maybe lay off the koolaid!! And if your worried about your kids, Watch them!!

1/9/20 @ 7:13 PM
User since 6/15/01

Because I can

1/9/20 @ 7:09 PM
Lake bum
Lake bum
User since 3/28/18

Because it work's for me and what I prefer. I could argue it the other way asking why people using a 6" K-drill pop 30 - 40 or more holes a day, I'm sure because it's what works for them.

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