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Why do people use 8+ inch holes

1/9/20 @ 9:10 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14
please explain why one uses a 8 inch or larger hole.  Pike fisherman need not reply.

I swear some of those holes people punch on those lakes...I'm shocked kids haven't drowned or there a thread about "lost my vexilar" down the hole.

1/19/20 @ 12:08 PM
User since 2/5/10

Most of us ice fishing in canada use 10" augers.It definatly helps getting a larger fish strarted up into the hole.Just a preference i guys.But i wouldnt go back to my 8".Our holes will freeze up solid overnight so there not a issue to go through.toward soring they stay open and can fish out of them again but there also very visible by then.Heres my sons hoke after he shovelled some snow.

1/19/20 @ 12:47 AM
User since 12/12/12

Cold Front, any evidence to back up the claim that people have died stepping in a 10" hole? 8" holes seem way more common, and there are plenty of people with small feet that ice fish and I've never heard of anyone dying from stepping in a hole and getting stuck. 

1/18/20 @ 6:32 PM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

Sounds like you have never stepped in one then. Try it some time, you will change your tune. There are times when you just can't see old holes. It is not as simple as paying better attention. Mrt.

1/18/20 @ 12:06 AM
User since 7/30/10

Same old nonsense, you can trip walking on the sidewalk and get injured as well, same as inure yourself on a snowed over 6" hole. Pay attention.

1/16/20 @ 1:02 PM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

Had a ten inch drill when I started ice fishing. Went to a 9 inch after that. Now, all I use is an 8 inch Ion. Except in rare instances, 8 inches is plenty. Broke my foot stepping into a snowed over 10 inch hole. No way to see it. They are without a doubt dangerous. There are many situations that holes get covered up and can't be seen. The posts that say you need to pay attention are correct but that alone will not help you in some conditions. That extra 2 inches makes a huge difference in terms of safety. People have died stepping into a 10 inch hole and going in up to their thigh. If the ice is a couple feet deep, you are screwed. You can't get out without help. Had a buddy get trapped that way but luckily he was not alone. Maybe the freedom to use a ten inch drill is important to  certain fishing situations but out of consideration for the safety of others and maybe yourself, it might be wise to limit their use to larger fish situations. It is not that hard to pull a transducer out your hole when panfishng. Mrt

1/15/20 @ 6:57 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

I don’t want 2 different augers Or shafts. Just another item to store somewhere. I usually pan fish and game fish at the same time. If I only was a pan fisherman, 8” would probably be what I would use because of electronics.

1/15/20 @ 6:29 AM
Catman - Do
User since 4/19/09

I personally don,t care what size hole a person uses for ice fishing, to each his own. i am a pan fishermen. I don,t even set out tipups. I have a 4 inch cordless auger. I've brought 12 inch crappies out of those holes and 10 in bluegills. All put back for spawning. I use a vexilar in those holes. Yes I have to clean slush out now and again thats fishing. We have bigger things to worry about in this day and age.  

1/14/20 @ 9:26 AM
User since 5/29/16

It is all about what fish you are going after! If i'm strictly panfishing ill take a 6" all day long but my go to is my 8" I take it when the ice is thick, when im fishing walleye panfish and pike all at the same time so that way its not too heavy for hole hopping but not a monster 10" auger. I take my 10" when I am fishing Night walleyes, trout on the great lakes and monster pike because I want that extra room incase the holes freeze up. I don't understand why people are arguing over this topic. Good luck and be safe! There is a lot more dangerous things than a 10" hole out on the ice

1/13/20 @ 7:29 PM
User since 2/28/07

Why would anybody use a smaller hole than 8"? Seems  pointless to me

1/13/20 @ 5:38 PM
User since 1/1/02

I've caught some of biggest fish icefishing. I was using 8'' holes when I caught a 30'' 10.8 LB. walleye 4 hours after set up. It was about zero and even using hole covers the hole had shrunk down to 7''. I had a fun time trying to get his head in the hole ( ice was about 18'' thick and I was using 8 lb. mono leader so I could not horse him in ) If you are fishing gamefish a 8-10'' hole is optimal. During most of the icefishing season old holes from the day before freeze up fast before they swallow up young children. So my advise use the biggest hole if you have a chance for trophy fish.

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