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What are the best Ice Fishing Boots?

2/9/16 @ 2:42 PM
User since 6/27/09
Looking for boots which are light, keep dry in slush conditions, economical, comfortable, etc...

2/10/16 @ 11:54 PM
User since 8/30/15
I'm with Robbollio on the Mickey, throw a dozen 1/4" screws in the bottom and they can't be beat

2/10/16 @ 9:53 PM
User since 4/9/03
One thing I've found as my feet use to get cold. Pair of nylon sweat wick socks followed by good pair of wool. The most important thing is by one size bigger than you need to give your foot room to breath. That has made a huge difference for me. I use lacrosse pack boots for ice fishing. Little bulky but with either 4wheeler or truck don't have to walk too far with them.

2/10/16 @ 8:39 PM
User since 1/8/03
For years I had the Cabelas Infernos a good boot but I wanted something different so I went with a pair of Muck Arctic Pros. The Mucks are very comfortable but I did get cold feet when the temps drop below 15. This year I got a pair of Sorel Glacier XT and this boot is great, they are water proof light,very warm|/pc/104797980/c/104747580/sc/103959180/sorel-174-glacier-8482-xt-pac-boots/1827097.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fmens-pac-winter-boots%2F_%2FN-1107989%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_103959180

2/10/16 @ 5:17 PM
User since 1/16/14
LaCrosse Ice KIngs and Lacrosse Alpha Burly Pro 1600 are the two boots I own. I wear them both a lot, and both serve me well. The Burly's are lighter by quite a lot. Socks are super important. Eliminate cotton from your wardrobe and you'll find yourself much warmer out there!!

2/10/16 @ 2:34 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02
I used to use Cabelas Inferno's but got worried in the slush and water so bought a pair of the Much Arctic Sports and haven't put the Infernos back on since.

Like said below, the socks are just as important as the boot, no cotton.

2/10/16 @ 7:40 AM
B Fish
User since 6/26/10
I will second what Luv2hnut said.

The La Crosse Alpha Burly's have been great for us.

The problem with pack boots is when your feet perspire the linings get wet and you are done. The insulation is sealed with the Alpha Burly's so it never gets wet.

I agree, polypropelene sock first, then a good wool sock.

Let me add one more trick. Take out the foot sole and dump in a large quantity of backing soda and get it into all the cracks of the boot and then put the foot sole back in. The backing soda absorbs moisture and keeps the perspiration away from you foot.

2/10/16 @ 6:33 AM
User since 7/19/04
Muck Arctic Pros (or Arctic Sports...Sports are just a little shorter). Best boots I have ever had and I have tried a LOT of boots.

Lighter than regular pac boots.

100% Waterproof (Pac boots may be fine for a while, but eventually they all leak)

No tying laces.

I always looked at the rubber boots and said, "No way can those be warm. They don't have eleventy billion grams of thinsulate like these Lacrosse Icemans"

Then I bought a pair and my search is over. I bought the kid's version for my kids and they love them too. I can't say enough good about them.

2/9/16 @ 9:44 PM
User since 10/17/04
Love my black Mickey boots!

2/9/16 @ 7:34 PM
User since 11/3/03
Well I've tested a few and a 15 yr old pair of Lacrosse 1200 Alphaburly's that I have wader repair goop on is the ticket for me. As long as the water isn't over my foot they keep me dry. I bought a new pair of the Neoprene top 2000 Alpha's this year, when my 3 yr old Redheads leaked during this bow season. The new ones have to big of a foot area to fit my creepers. All I can say is since those Alpha's I have never bought another pack style boot since. The key to comfort and warmth is what you put on before the boot. A thin pair of polypropylene socks to wick sweat, followed by wool or other type heavy sock and I'm set. The second your feet perspire and sock next to skin is wet feet get cold. No cotton socks in boots... I know some guys spay antiperspirant on their feet to defeat the sweat also.

2/9/16 @ 7:31 PM
User since 3/31/07
I would take a look at Baffin Titans or trappers or kamik Goliath or ice crusher both Companies make quality boots and you can pick up a pair of any of these for 1/2 the price of mucks and I think they are just as warm, durable and waterproof. I have the trappers and love them.

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