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What are the best Ice Fishing Boots?

2/9/16 @ 2:42 PM
User since 6/27/09
Looking for boots which are light, keep dry in slush conditions, economical, comfortable, etc...

TODAY @ 12:31 PM
User since 3/9/03

Ice king .Bought the Ice man because they were lighter but not as warm, just better for walking because they dont weigh as much. Best boot I ever had is what I have now, but it is outdated and they dont make them anymore, It's a Red Ball Oneida nice and light and as warm as the ice king

TODAY @ 10:09 AM
User since 12/28/18

Cabela's have boots on sale now. ship free!   I like Artic pro by Muck. Get large enough for 2 pare socks and you are good.

TODAY @ 8:15 AM
User since 8/24/07

I have the Cabela's Infernos and they are warm and quite comfortable. I wear them deer hunting as well. I think I may have a small "leak" in them, which isn't normally an issue, but when stomping around swampy ground during deer season resulted in some damp toes of the footbeds.

I also have my wife's grandpa's old Sorels that I used for a few years. Super warm and comfortable as well. Unfortunately, they developed a horizontal split above the heel where the leather meets the rubber, so unless there's a guarantee of no water, they're useless. Any suggestions for fixing that issue? Stupid question, but would slathering some fiberglass compound over it work? If so, maybe not a bad idea for the seams around the toes of the infernos too. 

TODAY @ 6:03 AM
MEMBER since 3/14/08

Spray your feet with antiperspirant to prevent sweating use good wool socks lace wool shoes if you can find them and 5 buckle rubber boots or the higher totes rubber boots old school.  

12/9/19 @ 8:50 PM
User since 11/29/01

 . The old Baffins  are made in Canada. Sadly , they are made in China now. I would pay an extra 100 bucks if they were made in Canada or in the USA. 

12/9/19 @ 6:30 PM
User since 2/13/10

My Lacrosse Icemans are 30 years old this year.  Still going strong.  2 years ago I purchase some Lacrosse Icekings from WorkBootsUSA dot com because after a coupon code they were about 115 bucks.  I was going to give my son my old Icemans.  First time using the new Icekings I pulled two of the d-rings off just lacing them up.  next time using 2 more d-rings pulled out.  Last year I noticed the rubber was cracking already.  Total junk!!! I hope they were knockoffs because if that is what Lacrosse is making now, no thanks.  I'm back to using my 30 year old icemans. 

I don't know which boot is the best, but I know which one is the worst.

12/9/19 @ 4:34 PM
User since 12/22/04

Cabelas Inferno Boots on sale for $99.00 

These are my favorite ice fishing boots.   Not sure if boa lace system is included in sale, but definitely a nice upgrade if available.

11/21/19 @ 11:10 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I have a pair of the great boots on really cold days.  I also have the Cabelas Zone Comfort Rubber Boots (I think that is what they are called).  They have different amounts of insulation in different parts of the boots.  I wear these late in the season when there is water on the ice.

11/21/19 @ 6:36 AM
User since 6/3/05

Cabelas Inferno Boa boots are great for people with back problems.

I have had mine 2 years now and like them a lot. They are warm, waterproof and fairly easy to put on and take off.

11/17/19 @ 11:01 PM
User since 9/24/03

“They don't make boots for wide feet.”

I need a wider shoe/boot as well. I have a pair of La Crosse Icemans that are over 25 years old so those are broken in and as warm and waterproof as they were when I got them. No issues with width there since, well, they have been worn. 

Now, reaching an age where the joints have a few more aches than they did before getting a pair of NEOS overshoes have been a godsend. I wear a pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes and these go over the top. Comfortable pair of shoes with better arch support, ideal width...sore knees and back are a thing of the past. 

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