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Tip Up Bait Depth

1/30/16 @ 12:04 PM
User since 6/25/07
When fishing for bass or northern how far do you typically run baits beneath the ice?

2/11/16 @ 2:28 PM
User since 1/19/12
As long as my minnow isn't on the bottom or catching weeds its as low as I can get it. I always have one tip up with a dead shad ripped open a foot under the ice, especially later in the year. I still found out over the last few years the lower the better. Fish around 5 feet then to 12 feet later in the year.

2/11/16 @ 8:23 AM
User since 7/29/15
I typically run shiners in WI for my tip ups and have always placed them 1ft to 1 1/2ft off the bottom. My favorite depth of water to fish them in is 5-7ft.

2/4/16 @ 8:19 PM
User since 3/17/06
In Feburary I fish dead minnows a lot with good success. Just any ol minnow that died in the bucket or even got chomped while it was on the tip up. I rip open the abdomen and pull the guts down so they hang out (releases a lot of scent into the water). Hook thru the dorsal and set 1 ft off the bottom. Bass abductor and I ran out of live minnows the other afternoon. Put the dead minnow on. We had other tip ups out with live minnows in good spots. The dead minnow had the first flag. Pike, bullheads, catfish and bowfin love the dead minnow. Every once in awhile a jumbo perch will take it, but that is rare. You will never get a bass, walleye or crappie on them

2/2/16 @ 11:55 PM
User since 3/17/06
I like to find pockets in the weeds and fish 2 ft off the bottom. If I was just fishing for pike, I would set the bait much higher, but I like to catch a variety of fish. The other day,tip up in 11 ft of water, weeds nearby but not within 10 ft of my hole, bait was chubs 2 ft off the bottom, I caught pike, largemouth, a smallmouth and a bowfin in 2 1/2 hrs

2/2/16 @ 10:51 PM
diver hunter 1987
User since 9/29/09
2 feet above the weeds and I'd go on the higher side of that. I like the 2/3 rule. With pike I've found as long as you make the bait very visible above them and it's not in caught up in weeds your golden. I've fished 3fow before and had my bait literally 3in below the ice and have caught them. Also I'm a pretty firm believer on not using wire leaders either use floro or some type of super braid never been out fished by wire but have out fished wire more than acouple times and don't be afraid to try a blade above the sinker some days that makes all the difference.

2/2/16 @ 9:28 PM
User since 2/9/10
I agree with 1 FO, making your own fluoro leaders is the way to go. I use 15 lb Seaguar. As he mentioned, it also allows you to customize with beads and blades.

2/2/16 @ 8:57 PM
Todd Young
User since 6/25/15
I always very mine also. Lots of pike and musky strikes just under the ice over the years. Most bass hits seem to be down near the bottom. Most of my ice fishing is done in 10 feet or less of water.

Muddy Creek Fishing Guides
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2/2/16 @ 8:53 PM
User since 11/27/08
2/3rds of the total depth. good general rule up to 20ish ft. Proximity to structure is more important to me. edges, breaklines etc.

2/2/16 @ 8:19 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07
Funny 1fo, I have two boys and my buddy has two boys, and they both like to bring friends. My oldest does not come out much anymore, but a few years back we'd have plenty of tip-ups out.

Fun days, the boys got to chase down flags and eat brats off of the campstove. They grow up way too fast, and they'll always remember the days on the ice.

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2/2/16 @ 6:15 PM
1fowl one
1fowl one
User since 12/9/10
I vary the set up in the water column, from a foot under the ice to a foot off the bottom. And I always fish a drop off and stagger the top and bottom. Then the fish will help you dial in. I also build my own leaders. So I throw out a variety of options, different hook, beads, and blade colors. And i also have a advantage, three kids, so a few more lines to play with. Lol. Along with depth, leader material is huge. Slowly I keep building more fluorocarbon leaders and getting away from the stainless surf strand. Seem to get more action on the fluoro? Good luck.

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