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Things that people do that's annoying while ice fishing

12/5/20 @ 6:14 AM
User since 3/23/20

I'll start by saying I can't stand when lake property owners think they own the lake. I'll give you a example fishing golden lake Waukesha it's public lake with public launch so fished from 12-6 did pretty good but right at dark the property owner where we where fishing 40 yards from shore comes out on his ATV with plow and plows circles around two of my tip up s and cover ing them in over a foot of snow it's like I said property owner thinks he owns the water 40 yards from his shore. So keep them coming on things people do while ice fishing that annoys you.


1/19/21 @ 9:38 AM
MEMBER since 2/16/04

Talking loud and laughing is part of having fun on the ice. Music played loud enough to be heard for miles is different. Noise was mentioned by previous posters. Part of the attraction sitting on a sheet of snow covered ice is solitude in a natural setting.

1/18/21 @ 9:36 PM
User since 2/5/05

There was a tournament on my favorite lake this past weekend. These people would drill some holes, fish 5 minutes, jump on the sled or quad and take off. Why? How can that be any fun? Why would a person choose to torture themselves into something like that? The noise was so annoying. 

1/6/21 @ 10:23 AM
User since 2/6/06

What I'm finding this year especially is many people don't understand the concept of stealth and being quiet on the ice. It seems some are out there just to drive around. Wish I could work weekends and fish weekdays this year lol.  

1/6/21 @ 7:25 AM
User since 7/20/09

nihsif - It wasn't intentional, just a young girl who didn't look like she drove snowmobiles much.  She came from a cabin and could have turned north and had the whole lake to herself, but she went south right into my lines.  The first time I saw her drive up because she was curious what they were (could tell by how she was looking).  Once she noticed they were tipups, she swerved so I thought that was fine.  But then she just kept coming it didn't click for her.

I've had my wife do this to others as well and I just get embarrassed.  Have to choose the correct words in that situation.  I don't enjoy being part of something stupid, guilty by association.  

1/5/21 @ 10:18 PM
User since 1/5/21

When someone comes out with a truck and plow and starts plowing at the landing and keeps going until they reach the other side of the lake leaving some giant banks that are dangerous for snowmobilers out riding and annoying to cross over with a sled full of gear. Especially annoying when they use the path to park a giant permanent shack right in the middle of a good area. Most annoying when the rest of the winter you fish the area lots, but never see anyone using that giant shack.

1/5/21 @ 12:46 PM
Mad Mike
User since 5/8/03

How about the old retired dude that walks out and starts fishing right next to you when there is plenty of room on the ice.  Then tells you that you are fishing on "his" spot that he fishes every day.  

This happens to me every year fishing the Governor Dodge lakes.  Yes it's frustrating when you get out and someone is on the spot that you usually fish, but don't be a "Richard" about it and just find another spot to fish.  And just because you are retired and fish every day doesn't give you any special privileges on the ice.

1/5/21 @ 9:34 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

technically, if this was done to harass a fisher, it is illegal

1/5/21 @ 7:59 AM
User since 7/20/09

It all depends on the situation.  There are community spots where I expect people to be on top of each other, then there are lakes where there is a ton of room and I expect some courtesy.  

I do get pretty annoyed when people drive through my tipups.  One time, okay they didn't see the big markers I have.  Twice or more, life is probably a struggle for them.  Last weekend I had someone doing that for a good hour, back and forth through my tipups.  Now they were not spread way out either, in a line along the shore.  It was a big lake with 99% of it wide open and no one fishing, but she just kept going through that little spot of tipups like it was a driving course.  Some of my flags tripped because it was shallow and the minnows spooked, it was fantastic.  I was just waiting to see one of my beaver dams run over.

Usually its non-fisherman, but I don't see that as an excuse.  To me it should be pretty obvious to avoid the fishing equipment on the ice, regardless if they know anything about fishing or not.

1/5/21 @ 7:58 AM
User since 7/24/01

You're right N.Pike...especially when we're talking about 1,000+ acre lake.  There's no reason to set up on top of a guy, but still it happens.  Thing is, guys that do that generally don't have any idea they're being a jackwagon.  This is what they're used to back home.  

1/5/21 @ 7:16 AM
User since 3/23/20

Totally agree on first come first serve and the exact thing happened to me this past weekend all the spots i like were packed so looked at the nav map chose a different spot and it turned out to be pretty dam good. And one more thing from this weekend pick up your garbage people.

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