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Recommend Panoptix version

2/1/23 @ 9:37 AM
User since 1/6/09

Looking to upgrade/add to the flasher and camera arsenal.  It will take too long to save up for Livescope, so willing to start with the Panoptix.  Initial research shows there are a few models available. (PS-22, 73-SV, 73-CV, 93-SV)

Any recommendations on ones to look for, or to strongly avoid?  What you like about them or don't like?


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2/2/23 @ 2:10 PM
User since 2/23/16

Pictures kinda suck ..one is down scan and one is side scan... If battery does not have enough juice the unit will not see the scanner and give you a error message saying not seeing panoptix reader..

I also made sure both my units are live scope compatible...

2/2/23 @ 1:58 PM
User since 2/23/16

This is the bundle package I got 4 years ago... I believe they have updated the pole system and battery to a lithium battery.. it saves about 4 pounds.. The standard battery only lasts 3 years due to power uses on the units...

The side scan switches automatically when you move the main transducer..

The pole system is is okay but make sure you thaw out the Velcro each night.. I believe I had to get a 7 inch auger also.. 

Looking for structure on side scan is very nice then we go to down scan but hole hopping is not easy we hole hop with ice 35..

2/2/23 @ 12:27 PM
User since 12/27/02

huntfishcrappie - Thanks for your take on these units.  Is that the original bag that came w/ your 73 ice package?  The current Garmin ones I have seen do not have a spot for the tranducer.

2/2/23 @ 9:02 AM
User since 1/6/09

Huntfish - I see a puck transducer on your ice unit - does your model also use a directional transducer on a pole for searching a wider area?

From what I've read, the Live Scope can scan farther out to the side than the Panoptix, and with better definition (thus the higher price), but I've see some Panoptix units for sale that have the pole and other transducer.

2/2/23 @ 8:07 AM
User since 2/23/16

I have the 73 ice package and I run the 93 sv uhd on my boat.. easy to upload information on sd card to my ice unit.. Mapping on both units are awesome... Maybe next year I will update to the live scope...l love my Garmin units...

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