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Propane tanks

1/5/20 @ 9:02 AM
User since 8/24/07

Can anyone provide input on Flame King propane tanks? I'm looking to get a 5lb tank and see Home Depot has one for like $35, but a 5 lb Worthington tank is almost twice as much. Curious if there is anything "wrong" with them. Plan to use with mr. Buddy heater on the ice for the most part.

2/19/20 @ 4:59 PM
User since 1/23/15

One other thing to consider is who will fill it and what will they charge?  For some reason, when I had 5# tanks (ice fishing and deer hunting) the local places here would charge me darn near what 20# tank would cost.  The Menards here won't fill them at all, only 11# and 20# tanks (not sure why).  For that reason, I sold the three I had and bought an 11# tank which is a bit heavier, but easier for me to get refilled in my area.  Mostly though I just refill 1# tanks now.

2/18/20 @ 8:48 PM
User since 1/12/05

Just to throw in 2 cents... I used an 11 Lb for ice fishing for decades (@36 years to be exact as they expire every 12). I no longer go enough to justify one but... It's 1/2 the size and weight of a 20 and still plenty of fuel for several outings. The beauty of this IMO was it made a good spare to have around for the grill as the height was same.

Way back when my first tank was like $10, but these days $40-$50 and they are available everywhere.

2/17/20 @ 9:11 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I know sort of off topic, I use both a 20 lb and 11 lb tank at different times.  The 11 is a good in between a 5 and a 20.

2/14/20 @ 12:04 PM
User since 1/10/03

I also heard of people in other states getting pretty hearty fines from wardens for refilling the dark green tanks.

That's a new one.  Are the wardens breaking into their garage while they are refilling or do they have a propane sniffing dog that can tell if a 1 lber has been refilled?    I line up squarely with Ulbian on this one.  Seems silly.

Anyway, I have two flame king 100 lbers and I don't see any difference in quality from other brands.  Basically, the valve is what is pretty highly regulated and needs to be universal.  So if I was looking at a 5 lber, I'd buy the cheapest new one I could fine.

2/14/20 @ 1:10 AM
User since 1/16/11

Love my Flame King set up.  I have 4 1lbs cylinders.  I have been using them for two years now.  I like the fact that the tanks are approved for 10 years of use.  I never had problems filling the dark green tanks before with the cheap $7 dollar adapter but i have heard of horror stories.  Takes me about 5 minutes to fill my 4 tanks with new system.  Took me longer with dark green tanks using the hot water bath method.  I also heard of people in other states getting pretty hearty fines from wardens for refilling the dark green tanks.

1/18/20 @ 7:34 PM
User since 2/4/09

I run a 20# tank on my big buddy,heavier to haul around but don't have to worry about running out...

1/18/20 @ 7:08 PM
User since 9/24/03

I found a deal on the flame king refill kit around thanksgiving for around $25. It came with two of the one pound flame king bottles as well. I’ve filled empties with the same set up. I’ve been filling my own for a bunch of years using the standard adapter but will dispose of the dark green cans once they start to show their age. People who say those shouldn’t be refilled or that it’s illegal to be refilled never seem to answer a pretty simple question....If it’s illegal then why can you buy the adapters at any store that sells propane related stuff? Their purpose is clearly marked on the packaging. If you choose not to that’s your prerogative. I won’t think any less of you. You stray out of bounds if you attempt to cast a net from your so called ethical high horse towards those of us that do.

1/18/20 @ 6:26 PM
User since 12/14/14

I purchased the 1 lb Flame King propane refill tank system and it does seem to work good for the 1 lb tanks. It refills the tanks nice compared to trying to fill the dark green tanks that should't be refilled anyway. Just bought the system so I don't know about refill after refill but will find out. Not sure about the 5 lb tanks.

1/17/20 @ 11:15 PM
User since 7/30/10

$7 adaptors and you can refill the green bottles. Much more economical than paying big bucks for flame king tanks

1/5/20 @ 2:40 PM
User since 1/24/05

I just got a Flame King 5lb propane tank from amazon for $43. I've been watching them for a while and the prices were always about $60. I got mine and have it filled up but there is no ice around here in Northern Illinois. I don't know why the Worthington is so much more $$.

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