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Propane Augers freezing up???

12/12/15 @ 7:37 AM
User since 12/4/11
Chatting with another fishing buddy, he said his favorite fishing store in the Fox Valley Area stopped selling Propane Augers. The reason being (he was told), the fuel lines freeze up. The Gent was saying the compressed gas through the tubing gets too cold, hence the frost on the outside of the metal; like you see with the heaters,..

Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of this happening?

My wife, God bless her, got me a Jiffy 4 for my birthday. And I used it all last season I drilled more than 120 holes. The auger always says outside. The coldest temp was near zero. I never had any issues and love it. A couple buddies that fish with are getting the same auger,... But, having an Auger failure could suck if you don't have a spare,..

12/22/15 @ 5:27 PM
User since 12/4/11
Thank you all very much for the feedback.

I think I'll keep my Propane Auger.

A lot of the feedback was good common practices, like keeping a spare tank inside the shanty. (I do this now, thinking about the heater.) Changing the oil every season and proper auger maintenance, using the right plugs. The realization that propane has it's temperature limitations, like my bones.

One good tip that may or may not have foundation, 'use a full tank on a cold day.' This is something that I do with the Buddy Heater, making sure I have a fresh tank installed before starting out.

Again, Thanks All & A Very Merry Christmas.

BTW, Anyone else wishing for Ice for Christmas? It truly would rank as a miracle at this point, eh?

12/22/15 @ 1:17 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
Couple of comments. Propane will freeze around -25 below zero. However my 100 LB tanks on my fish house continue to operate at that temp, I am using a 3/8" copper line from tank to heater outside the house.

Propane burns hotter than gasoline, so cutting more holes will not necessarily heat the motor up more.

We have all used a propane gas grill and watched the little tanks ice up. When they ice up, the propane is not going to burn as efficiently. I tell the guys that if its 0 degrees bring the little tank in the house with you. Depending on what you have for a heater, we all have a spare 1 LB tank handy.

With some basic operational experience, you should love your propane auger. They cut like a dream, have almost zero exhaust, no gas or oil to mix, and do not need to be winterized in the spring.

As far as carburetor adjustments, you might be able to do that yourself. The Eskimo auger motors are manufactured and tested during warm weather. They recommend to warm the motor up and adjust the carb, its very easy. They say to turn the idle up till the blade just starts to spin, and then back it off 1/4 of a turn, easy.

The store that has opted to not sell propane augers is missing out. Currently Propane augers are outselling gasoline augers 5-1.

I happen to love my propane auger, and have used it in all weather conditions from 40 degrees to - 35 degrees.

12/21/15 @ 5:13 PM
Bull Gill
User since 2/7/02
I have no hands on with these but have not meet anyone who has a propane auger that didn't like them except maybe for the weight early on ,But I used propane equipment of various kinds for well over 40 years,odds are they should hold up barring bad propane, or extended constant use such as drilling holes for a ice tournament or something in that order or a low tank well freeze up. I don't for see their being any freeze up problem 0 or above and the few freeze ups I had over 40 years were 10 below or more except when working with half gone tanks and that was constant running of 5 10 hours. well stay with my gas and or electric I have they well still be cutting ice long after I am gone.

12/15/15 @ 5:56 AM
MEMBER since 1/16/13
I have the jiffy lite no problems since I bought it two years ago

12/15/15 @ 4:07 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/09
I told the guy to let it warm up some or poke a few more holes and that would help. They just do not get hot enough to heat everything up. I wouldn't mind having one, but the old model 30 does everything I ask it to. Odd thing is that it gets heavier with each passing year! Big Smile

12/13/15 @ 8:42 PM
User since 1/22/15
A5. That is normal with propane combustion. No different than forklifts. Again once a season is perfect on oil changes.

12/13/15 @ 8:32 PM
MEMBER since 2/12/02
A5....... the oil does get milky from condensation. Totally normal I was told by Feldman. Just change oil once a year and you will be fine. I have mine for going on 4 years and change the oil once a year.

12/13/15 @ 4:53 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/09
I work with a guy that has a Jiffy, four stroke, propane auger. He is very happy with the performance. One thing he has noticed is that if he drills just a couple of holes and a engine does not get good and warmed up, the crankcase oil turns milky from condensation. He changes the oil often to avoid any issues. Has anyone else noticed this?

12/13/15 @ 4:15 PM
User since 1/22/15
Only issue I've had was my own fault. Subzero day. Cleaning out the hole I drilled not realizing I was flinging slush and water on the regulator. 1 min inside of shanty and was no longer an issue. Love the auger. Wouldn't trade it for nothing.

12/13/15 @ 8:49 AM
User since 3/14/07
I have a Jiffy Pro 4 Lite and used it all last season for the first time. It did develop some issues with stalling and trouble starting so I contacted Jiffy about it. They told me I needed to have the carb adjusted after the first season. He said they all need that after a break-in period. Not sure myself how to do that so I did not get it done yet. Didn't see anything in the manual about doing that and thought it was asking a bit much for me to have to bring it somewhere to have it adjusted while it is under warranty.

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