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Pistol Bit\Clam Plate question.

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10/24/22 @ 5:53 AM
User since 5/12/16

Is anybody running this setup? Do you need an adaptor to make it work?

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11/12/22 @ 5:01 PM
User since 11/27/18

Currently running the pistol bit with the clam plate. Went to this setup late last season. You will need to buy an adapter, like others on here have said, to attach the pistol bit to the clam plate. It's a very light setup. I run a DeWalt drill with an 8ah battery.

11/11/22 @ 10:06 PM
User since 5/12/16

Thanks Fish.I see clam has an adaptor for $25 .I was just wondering if it would work for the Pistol Bit.

11/11/22 @ 1:34 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01

CMunyon, see my report below.  As you may or may not know, you cannot just hook up the Lite Flite or KDrill up to the Clam Plate because the hole size is different. There is a simple adapter sold on Ebay, or I've read you can buy the KDrill adapter (sold at Cabelas) and it does the same thing.  I like the quality of the one I found on Ebay.  It's just one piece, welded and real strong.


Pistol bit should have one very similar to this, but as of the time I'm posting this I personally don't know anyone who uses the pistol bit and the clam plate.

11/11/22 @ 1:25 PM
User since 3/21/14

i've used the Pistol bit with my Milwaukee drill for a couple years now. Just the drill sometimes not even the side handle.  If i'm only drilling 6-8 holes i don't use the side handle.  Pistol bit cuts very nice

11/10/22 @ 8:27 PM
User since 5/12/16

Let me reword this.I am using the clam plate with a lazer 6" bit.I'm thinking about getting an 8" pistol bit.

I am trying to find out if and what adaptor i may need.I was hoping someone might have this setup and could tell me. 

11/10/22 @ 5:29 PM
Wharf Dwarf II
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/10

I have a two year old 8 inch kdrill with clam plate. Milwaukee drill   Just put new factory blades on   And they sharpened my other set. It’s been awesome.  Got a few health issues. Going to sell it if some young person wants a good outfit.  Bill.  608-547-1809

11/10/22 @ 2:11 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01

I love the Clam plate! keeps the drill off the ice plus it's must easier to hold onto, I think. I have the Lite Flite and I had to get an adapter for it to work.  I would assume the one made by Artisam is the same way.  They make adapters.  The KDrill adapter works, or you can buy an aftermarket one on Ebay for about 15 or 20 bucks.

11/9/22 @ 4:09 PM
User since 8/4/08

The Clam Plate is the most unnecessary piece of equipment on the market. Just attach your drill to the auger, but make sure you have a side handle on the drill. 

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