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Permanent Ice Shanty Questions

11/27/19 @ 8:55 AM
User since 1/30/18

Hey all! I just bought a 12.5' x 6.5' ice shanty from craigslist.  It is a "home made" shack that sits on a trailer.  This is my first permanent shack, and it will be sitting on a lake all winter.

What tips and suggestions could you offer to ensure I have minimal issues with leaving it on the lake?  What's the best equipment to use to jack it up and rest it on all winter on the ice?  I will be removing the tires so the bottom of the shanty can sit closer to the surface of the ice.  One concern I have is if the temperatures rise and then refreeze, causing the whole unit to sink lower into the ice which might make it harder to remove at the end of the season.

Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 


12/11/20 @ 7:22 AM
Bofish 3
User since 3/25/20

Also, I would be careful pulling the shanty with a fourwheeler. Yes, it can pull it, but it is way heavier than it was designed to pull so it can be dangerous. My hitch got bent on mine and I couldn't bend it back. Solution is to get a weight distributation dolly type hitch. This helps go through deeper snow.

I put my last name and phone number on my shanty, but I put the town that is closest to the lake on it too. Not my real town I live in. That makes it look like I could be living on the lake and be watching my shanty 

12/10/20 @ 9:50 PM
Bofish 3
User since 3/25/20

I have an old camper style shanty. I have 14" long x 12"diameter PVC pipe to put around the hole which goes through the floor. This keeps the wind out. As for people breaking in, I try not to leave anything of value, but I do lock it and leave my curtains open. I put a picture of my kid holding a fish in the window and a sign that says" little kids fish here, nothing of value left inside, please don't break in" .  It is not hard to redrill a hole through the old hole with the right auger.  Try not to fry anything in any type of shanty or it will smell like a fast food place (or Grand Chute) lol for the rest of the season.  When I leave I usually pull the wheels up on a 2 foot 2x6. If you are going to be away for 2-3 weeks pull it up on a 2 foot 2x6 with a 1 foot 2x6 screwed into the middle of the 2 foot section. 

11/28/20 @ 1:22 PM
User since 12/19/10

I like the Dilly Dilly flag!!

11/28/20 @ 8:21 AM
User since 1/8/13

I am adding carpet skirting to my shack this year to help with rattle wheel holes freezing up over night. Already put a blower in to suck hot air off the furnace and 3” HVAC flex ducting directing it down my catch hole sleeves. I have had issues with reopening holes over and over builds up ice around the holes and the sleeve doesn’t want to sit down in the catch hole. Ordered a sign: No entry without permission, to go on the door to show it’s a private fishing structure. Improvements on an ice shack are fun!

11/26/20 @ 6:37 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

30 years ago I had a wooden shack . About 6x8 . Used it about 3 seasons as a warmup house .  Had it blocked up on 2x4s . Then we had the dreaded January thaw and the ice got too soft to walk on . I tried to move it a few times until I did not feel safe . It sunk about 3/4 in then froze hard of course  . I rented a long bar chainsaw and gathered a crew . Could not get it out . So one night I went out and cut it off to ice level  . Especially my name  ! Then I augered a bunch of holes inside and put a bunch of rocks and bricks down the  holes . It sunk at thaw in about 35 ft of water.  I did not want to kill a boater or water skier  . In the summer I scubaed, down and it was all in one piece  . Even found my lawn chair and cast iron fry pan . 

Legal ? No but what else could I have done . It was made of wafer board  , so not a lot of strength for a massive removal . 

11/26/20 @ 12:45 PM
User since 2/8/11

I have moved mine several times with one.  The camper id all aluminum, well except for the frame. Really doesn't weigh all that much. Pretty much kept it all original on the inside. Just added a forced air 16,000 btu furnace and a stereo 

11/26/20 @ 12:16 PM
Sylvain Guy
MEMBER since 7/6/01

Voldie, do you think a 4 wheeler could pull a camper like that around on the ice? Just for future reference. Thanks

11/25/20 @ 8:47 AM
User since 2/8/11

I have an old (1969) Shasta camper that I converted. Used catch hole covers for hole openings. I don't skirt it at all and just use a bucket with bottom cut out to stop the wind from blowing up into camper. I just block the corners and leave the wheels on the ice.

11/25/20 @ 6:00 AM
User since 5/10/09

Wanting to start up this string again.   For clarification. I am putting my first shanty trailer on the ice.  It is a remodel of an old camper.  The trailer will not lower to the ice.  

1. I saw the tip of using carpet for skirting around the perimeter.  But the post said to take this down when not in use?  And put back up?  Why?

2. Do I just put the trailer tires on 2x4's or do I jack up the 4 corners to keep the tires from freezing in?

3. I read that keeping the permanent shanty in the same spot makes it impossible to reopen holes after they freeze back?  Do I really need to move the shanty a few feet each time I use it?   Or is it just difficult to reopen the holes?  

I have lots of ice fishing experience just zero experience with a permanent camper shanty.  Looking forward to lots of coaching here.  

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