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9/20/23 @ 3:27 PM
User since 2/28/07

I'm looking at getting a one man portable because of ease of loading in truck and pulling by hand on the ice. My questions are 1. Is there enough room to put auger, flasher and fishing gear in when collapsed? 2. Room when fishing. I use 32 to 36" rods and especially room when fighting a fish.

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9/21/23 @ 4:09 PM
User since 1/2/12
I have a one man that I want to sell.  I used it   once so it is essentially new.    I was able to load everything into it.
Mike, Chippewa Falls
9/21/23 @ 6:43 AM
User since 7/17/09
Hey Edge,  another good Clam model is the Fish trap Pro that Masterpiker mentioned. Similar size flip to the Legend model. If you prefer the deluxe padded seat and thermal fabric then the Legend has your name on it. 
I sent you a PM with a link for a pre-owned Legend I found for sale. Fair price. 
It is a 60+lb shack thou. Not too bad loading. I usually lifted up the front onto tailgate edge and then lifted backend, pushed into truck. 
9/21/23 @ 6:26 AM
User since 4/17/07
Very happy with my Shappell FX100i. I picked it up in September of 2018 for $190 online, I'm sure they have gone up in price since then. 
9/21/23 @ 4:49 AM
User since 2/28/07
Fowler, I do want something that is a true flip over. I hate messing with poles to assemble.
I don't currently use shacks, I sit on a chair out in the open. Dang doctor put me on blood pressure meds that probably will thin the blood and make it hard to sit out in the cold.
Sucks getting old!! LOL
9/20/23 @ 9:29 PM
User since 1/7/02
I don’t know what the new versions of the Otter flip over look like but I have an older one man from the time you bought the frame and tent and mounted it on the bare sled. It fits in the carrier basket on the back of my ATV. I fashioned a flip back boat seat in it to sit on and can load all my gear in it making me very portable. When flipped closed there is room for 3 holes, my locator and heater on the ice. It’s a bit weathered now but still serviceable. 
9/20/23 @ 8:01 PM
User since 7/17/09
Over the years I had a handful of 1 man Clams and Frabils.  The one that stood out the best for a flip over was the Clam legend XL Thermal. 
The seat and rail system ran the length of the sled vs the seat being at the sled end. Huge amount of inside clearance. Could fit a couple 5 gallon buckets and the Ion auger behind the seat. Awesome flip over.

9/20/23 @ 6:13 PM
User since 12/7/05

To answer your first question, yes there will be enough room to put your flasher, rod case and tackle bag inside MOST one-man flip-over shacks. Some will have enough room to hold an entire auger (depending on type, of course), but most will not. I have a Strikemaster Solo gas auger and what I do is lay the powerhead inside the sled and leave the bottom 12" of auger hang out the back. The weight of the powerhead alone holds the auger in the sled, but I can also put my cover over it if pulling it behind my ATV. A cam strap can also be cinched over the handles if you have to navigate bumpy terrain.

As for the room inside with longer rods...I also use fairly long rods, but not 36". I have a Fish Trap Pro and can use 27-32" rods without issue. The orientation of the sled in relation to the direction the shack opens is what is important. Frabill used to have a one-man shack called the 'Commando' that was like 3 feet wide, but was about 5 feet from the front of the sled to the canvas...was perfect for long rods, but could be a tight fit for guys with broad shoulders or if you wanted to fish multiple rods. You will find that everything is a trade-off. I like how wide and roomy my Fish Trap Pro is. I can jig and have a dead-stick rod easily, or take my 5 year old with me and we can both fish inside it with no issue. It is a little heavy for a one-man shack, but the trade-off for the additional weight is room to breathe and a very comfy seat that slides back and forth. The Clam Kenai Pro is dimensionally very similar to my Pro, but does not require you to slide poles out when setting up, which is nice, especially in the dark! What I would suggest is you go to Cabelas, Fleet Farm, etc. that has several different brands/models and sit in a few. Grab a 32-36" rod off the shelf and see if they have enough room for you to fish comfortably.  I can also tell you this...a one man shack full of gear may be more difficult to pull in snow than a 2-man with the same gear due to a larger footprint distributing weight with the 2-man. I also have a Fish Trap Guide 2-man that weighs about 25 pounds more than my Pro, but with a light gear load, can pull easier in deep snow. And my auger fits completely under the cover on the Guide. The Guide can also be stood against my tailgate and loaded like a stretcher in an ambulance...my Pro cannot and has be be lifted into the truck. Like I said, everything is a trade-off...
9/20/23 @ 4:57 PM
User since 11/25/07
It all depends on what shack you get. Most of them give you room to put your stuff when it is down. Room to fish when set up can be another thing. On most one man shacks there is a trade off of room for weight and space. You need to decide if the sacrifice is worth the reward. 
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