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Nils Ice Auger

11/29/15 @ 9:42 AM
User since 11/19/14
Anybody used the new 8" Nil convertible ice auger with cordless drill. I've used a lazer with my 650 inch pound torque drill and works great. I was wondering about going up to 8" Nils but wonder how good it would be on ice up to say 18".

1/12/17 @ 4:54 PM
User since 9/21/08

60 holes through ten inches with my 6" nils and 18v milw with 4.0 batt. To get so few holes seems like its gotta be a dull auger or old batteries.

1/12/17 @ 3:35 PM
User since 6/12/10

I picked up the 8" Nils convertible a few weeks ago.  I was using it with a Dewalt 20v Lithium cordless drill that only has 1.5amp batteries, and I also used it with the manual handle.  We were fishing anywhere from about 6"-8" of ice.  The drill and batteries are well worn so we only got about 15-20 holes per battery, but the power of the drill was plenty when the batteries were full.  I'd say it took maybe 7 or 8 seconds to drill a hole.  I'd recommend getting the high capacity 4 or 5 amp batteries for sure as the 1.5 don't last enough.  I also had no issue at all drilling holes manually with the handle.  It took me not much longer to drill a hole by hand then it did with the drill.  

1/12/17 @ 10:30 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

8 inch auger,  good luck,  you are talking maybe 12 holes and it will be done.  Take extra batteries.  an 8 is a big azz hole.

I run a milwaukee 28v with a 5 i get 45 holes in 4-8 inches of ice

My 6 lazer i get about 35-40

my 7 inch lazer I don't know for sure,  but around 10-12 holes with 24 inches of ice i'm at 25%.

an 8 inch better hope you find fish in the first few spots.  If you are just drilling 6-8 holes for tipup's you should be okay yet but that big diameter is a ton of surface area and will chew that battery quick.  

1/12/17 @ 10:00 AM
User since 12/14/16

I use a 6" Nils with a Milwaukee 2703 and have no problems with 20" of ice when I head up to northern Wisconsin fishing.  Love the setup and easy to use.  My wife and kids can even drill their own holes with a little help.  I woudl think the 8" would be the same deal, and know of one group that uses teh 8" with the same drill I have and they never complain.

Good luck..............

1/3/17 @ 7:15 PM
User since 7/21/08

Also a huge fan on the fuel drill, mine is paired with a 6" laser though. I did however crack the metal housing where the torque arm attaches to the drill this past weekend. I was fishing light (long walk to the lake, so no shelter) and the drill was cold. I think the cold and torque did it in. Exchanged it and hope it holds up. 

1/3/17 @ 6:30 PM
User since 3/22/14

I have the orange 6" auger, with the built in 1/2" chuck and black blades designed to be used with a cordless drill.  I was finally able to use it yesterday with a cordless for the first time.

I have it paired up with a 18v Milwaukee Fuel with 5.0ah batteries.  I drill 30 holes in 7" to 9" of ice and still had 3 out of 4 bars left on the battery!  WOW!  Anyways, there was a slight wobble to the drill, but it was incredibly smooth and fast.  It didn't require any down pressure, which is common with other drills and never tried to bind up on me.  This is an impressive set up.

1/3/17 @ 4:34 PM
User since 1/4/09

To avoid the "wobble" of your Nils auger {or any other auger I suppose}, make sure your auger is seated correctly in your drill's chuck before you tighten it down...

I few years ago, I just assumed my auger was positioned correctly in the chuck but it was "off " just a hair. I have since made sure my auger spins true when the drill is attached. 

1/2/17 @ 4:38 PM
User since 11/12/02

I bought the blue 6" auger. Tried at in laws pond. 2" of slush ice-6" of clear ice.Older 18V Ryobi brushed drill with older Lithium-ion battery. 45 holes when the drill was getting hot and the battery was starting to stop. The Auger is Amazing! Put the handle on and asked wife to try it. NO Downforce needed. Just AMAZING!

With the NILS not needing any down pressure to cut through the ice,I dont believe a MONSTER High Torque drill or hammer drill is needed.

12/19/16 @ 5:48 PM
User since 11/15/16

exchanged it for a new convertible, tested when i got home and nows it's perfect! Guess i just got a mellon the first time, went out to the lake in my backyard and drilled 60 holes in about 7 inches of ice and only dropped one bar on my Makita LXT! Cuts like butter.. Can't wait to put it to good use this weekend.

12/19/16 @ 9:31 AM
User since 11/15/16

Okay, im going to take it back to fleet farm today, might go with a k-drill instead.. or i will exchange it for a different nils... not sure yet.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

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