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Nils auger blade help!

3/10/15 @ 2:11 PM
Bluegill Alan
User since 8/29/11
I just bought a Nils Power auger with the 8" power point last month. I have drilled maybe, MAYBE 50 holes with it. This thing was cutting through the ice like butter until this past weekend.

First hole I tried to drill it went in about 2 inches and hung up on the ice. I thought it was a fluke so I went on to the next hole. Same thing. Once I can get the blades fully engaged in the ice then I can make it through just fine. I just can't understand what is making it do this. I looked at the blade and found one little dinger that I'm afraid could be the problem. I'll attach the image I took but it's pretty hard to see though.

I'm wondering if anyone has had anything similar happen and if there's a way I can dust the edge to fix it without ruining the blades. I'm scared to touch them with anything.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

3/11/15 @ 7:26 PM
Bluegill Alan
User since 8/29/11
Thanks for the reply fellas

So I took it out today and man did she cut nice. I did not have the hang up issue like I did last weekend. But ofcourse the ice is nice and mushy right now so I'm leaning towards dull blades maybe? The only thing is it would shake and runout a lot when I was breaking through the holes. It didn't happen on every hole but the majority it did.

I just don't see how the blades could have gotten so dull so quick Angry

Either way I'll be sending it to Frank in a few weeks seeing as the season is almost done!

Thanks again for the replies and see you on the open water! Smile

3/11/15 @ 7:31 AM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
I have both pp and non pp heads and have had to send both to have them sharpened, The ONLY guy I would trust is the 1 in MN. Frank DeLuca 218-729-7941 quick turn around, only takes about 1 week to ship, sharpen and return.

If you think it needs sharpening it will, I had the same problem with my non pp head, It would cut 2" or so then wonder all over till I put pressure on it, which I never had to do, when I looked closer at the head the last 1 1/2"-2" was dull as a penny, happened traveling across Winnebago the head cover came off and must have touched/hit something !

3/11/15 @ 12:00 AM
User since 9/24/03
The blades on these things are a bit touchy. You don't want to be running them through dirty ice or banging them on anything or you could run into problems...and just like any auger, pushing down on them while drilling is a bad thing because you'll mess up the blades. If an auger has good blades no extra weight is needed and just creates more headaches.

Do a search on and you might find some insight on putting an edge on a Nils blade yourself. I haven't come across anything that details if you can do it yourself or not but I haven't looked very hard. A good friend has had a Nils for about 7 years and when he bought it he contacted a guy in Minnesota who is certified to sharpen the blades and was told that unless the user runs it through dirty ice, bangs the blade on something to bend them, or runs it into something like a rock, the bottom of a lake/river, or a chunk of wood they shouldn't need sharpening until around 5000 holes. It's an exceptional auger but they are not for a guy who is used to banging the blades of an auger into stuff.

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