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New products 2020/21

8/6/20 @ 9:38 AM
User since 12/19/11

Hardwater season is right around the corner and new products are coming out! Post below anything new for this season, or new for you! 

10/22/20 @ 3:33 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02


I saw that on Facebook  . Looked great until I found out that it works off the Jiffy auger . Don't have , or want a Jiffy . My old one starts and works just fine.  Now if it came equipped with its own engine or motor I would be very interested. 

10/22/20 @ 12:08 PM
User since 12/19/11

Those are super cool, not something that interests me but still awesome. Do they come with the auger head or do you have to supply that? Does the auger head come off so you can use it to drill a hole?

10/22/20 @ 10:42 AM
MEMBER since 6/18/01

Got my New Ice Auger Machine. Have the Jiffy Electric  E6 Lightning on mine, to drive it. Quiet and easy to use. No more walking for me. It also pulls a sled!  Has skis for winter use. Come on ice! Located in Loves Park, IL if you want to see one. willing to let you drive it. Check it out on Facebook. Also at Lakeside Bait and tackle in Delavan, Wi and Fish Tales in Fox Lake, WI Prices from 1300 and up depending on options

10/1/20 @ 3:57 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Personally I take a pro-staff review with a grain of salt as its a paid review.

Worth reading but certainly wouldn't sway a decision.

10/1/20 @ 1:50 PM
User since 12/19/11

Kenders Outdoors has some new shrimp and waxie tungsten jigs along with some new colors.

Eurotackle has a smaller version of their T-flasher, z-viber micro with added tungsten for more weight and a new "live spoon"

10/1/20 @ 11:02 AM
User since 12/19/11

Full disclaimer, I didn't really have any complaints about it until I broke a pole (user error) and made the upgrade to otter. You don't know what you're missing until you try it out. After switching, in retrospect, my biggest complaint was the lack of wind resistance and the see through needle holes along the seems. You shouldn't get that with an insulated hub and the outbreak material seemed to have fixed that as it was completely black when I walked through it at the St. Paul show. It isn't the biggest deal for your average midwest weather and doesn't affect fishing, but when I spend a night on the ice that little extra air flow makes a big difference without the heater running. Spent a night in a blizzard this past year, 40 mph gusts, -20 wind chill and 8" of snow, I would have froze my butt in the 949i. Otter also seems to be much easier to set up solo and it isn't a struggle getting the shack back into the bag. I want to say eskimo upped their bag size since I had mine though. 

Just my .02, again not trying to downplay eskimo but I've used or owned just about every brand of shacks in the last 5ish years and that's just my input based on my experiences. 

I don't think offended is the right word, more disappointed in the lack of honest reviews now-a-days. I have no affiliation with otter to be offended and I'm not in the market for a new hub. 

10/1/20 @ 10:32 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12


Asking again, where did I state that the Eskimo was better than your Otter or any other shelter?  The 949 and the Otter Lodge Vortex Hub or almost identicle in size and pricing.  Comparing these two is not wrong when you look at all the specs. What did you dislike about the 949 to believe it is garbage?  

I did bring up the Outbreak as an option if they wanted to spent a few more dollars, which would give them a bigger house, not trip door and yes an upgraded fabric.  Every manufacturer has upgraded product lines.

Yes I am on Eskimo's Pro Staff, that is no secret.  Yes I promote that product because I believe that they offer a quality product at a fair prices and I believe in their product and customer service.  No different than somebody else talking about a different product line.  Nobody will take my word or your word exclusively, they are going take my thoughts and your thoughts and compare products for themselves.  In fact the original product requester said that they were going to go in a different direction.  Did you hear me rip them or that product?  Didn't think so.  I think what happened here is that I offended you because I didn't agree with you.   I am sorry that you were offended, but we each have differing opinions, we have to agree to disagree without getting upset.  Good day to you!

10/1/20 @ 9:27 AM
User since 2/19/13

junkie4ice - what don't you like about the fabric on the 949i? I have that and the Outbreak 450i and haven't had any issues or complaints. I haven't been in any Otter hubs so I don't have that to compare to.

10/1/20 @ 9:24 AM
User since 12/4/18

I do appreciate all the technical details shared in this thread. It taught me to look and compare to other brands.

Honestly, I like the way the Otter looks more.

That (plus some other differences, price point etc) is what turned the tables for me.   

Acme has two new lures out- I’m excited by the tungsten!

Acme Ice New Items

10/1/20 @ 7:37 AM
User since 12/19/11

Transitive property of equality, if xth lodge = 949i and 949i < 450i then the xth lodge < 450i. If he doesn't feel like the XTH lodge and 949i were comparable, why would he have suggested it as an alternative? This isn't politics, just because you don't say something doesn't mean you don't imply it. 

Not here to argue about it, just think it needs to be known that Tim is guiding people one direction because he's affiliated with that company. I had the 949i, the insulation fabric is absolutely garbage which is why they upgraded the fabric of the outbreak series. Consumers agreed, so they expanded their outbreak series this year. So again, comparing the 949i to the XTH lodge is just wrong and I'd hate to see someone buy an inferior product simply because a "pro-staffer" told him to. On the other hand, the 450i and XTH lodge are very comparable in quality, you pay more for the convenience of a no-trip door in the 450i which many people would consider is worth the extra money. 

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