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Need Recommendation for tip-up sensor

1/21/21 @ 9:08 AM
USER SINCE 5/27/03

I'm a real novice when it comes to ice fishing. Wife and I rented a cabin in the north woods and I plan to do a bit of ice fishing.....some with tip-ups. The lake will be close to the cabin so I'd like to place a couple of tip-ups nearby. I'm looking for recommendations for a sensor that'll send a signal when the flag goes up.

About 10 years ago I received a STRIKE SENSOR as a gift but never used it. I only have one and would like to get two more of some kind. Don't know if there are other, better., etc. ones out there. 

Would appreciate suggestions/recommendations.



1/27/21 @ 9:39 PM
USER SINCE 7/30/10

Junkie, the vultures don't use your phone, they have their own pendant remote. The other sensors use Bluetooth, and the range on Bluetooth isn't very good. The vultures have a 1 mile range, and while you aren't going to set up a line 1 mile away, you will be able to always have good reception through ice shack walls  cabin walls  etc. They are worth every penny.

1/27/21 @ 1:24 PM

God people, what do you do if a fish swallows the hook immediately?  Mouth to fish resuscitation?  They should outlaw those products?  A guy cant have a lake front cabin for the benefit of fishing inside and taking the snowmobile out to tend to a flag?  Then portable ice shacks should be outlawed too.  I have (6) of the Blue tipz that I like.  Never used the Vulture, but consider their product.  Any of these tip up indicators are better for response time to tend to a flag.  I use these mostly within 50 yds of my ice castle, while sleeping one off, and have had great success.  Fishing from my cabin is the reason i bought lake front. 

1/27/21 @ 7:10 AM
USER SINCE 12/19/11

Will the vulture system send a notification to your phone or do you have to use the handheld remote that they sell? Those are a pretty penny, but as my kids get older I feel like something like that would pay for itself in convenience. Not to mention I can't count how many small tip up lights at $10-20 a piece I've gone through over the years that either break or I lose in my irresponsible packing up after a long day of fishing. Is it something that could be used with the pole/reel set ups (ifish pro, finicky fooler, etc) or are they exclusive to tip ups?

1/26/21 @ 9:15 PM
USER SINCE 12/21/01

Love my Vultures

1/22/21 @ 11:51 AM
USER SINCE 7/30/10

Vulture sensors are the way to go. Fish from your cabin all you want, you won't miss a single flag. The guys sitting on the ice without vultures miss more because no matter what anyone says  you can't watch for flags that closely. 

1/22/21 @ 9:30 AM
USER SINCE 5/27/03

Thanks for the suggestions about the sensors....... very much appreciated.

Your comments about fishing from the cabin are well-noted. I do have a portable shanty.....and while I'm fishing, that is where I'll be spending the majority of my time.


1/22/21 @ 7:16 AM
USER SINCE 7/12/18

Glad to hear you're getting out ice fishing, its something more people should get to experience and enjoy, but I would suggest you do just that, get out of the house and fish.  It only takes an undersized pike or musky a few seconds to a minuet swallow a treble hook to the point of lethality.  Then what do you do? Pretend that when you cut the line the hook will rust out and put the fish back?  Ice fishing regulations should mirror soft water regulations in my opinion, 100yds here in Wisconsin.  Tip up sensors really step out of the fair chaise rules for me...are you out there to fish or to sit in the house?  Pick one and enjoy it but there should be no merge of the two.  Tight lines and good luck.

1/21/21 @ 1:27 PM
USER SINCE 2/17/05

My buddy bought the Vulture system and really likes it. It has a mile range and is instant unlike the Bluetipz which have a slight delay. 

1/21/21 @ 12:13 PM

I would recommend looking into the “Blue Tipz” alarms. They work with either their receiver or your cell phone. They work great for night fishing or fishing inside a shack.

I would like to add that fishing from your cabin isn’t a a very sportsman way to fish. It’s a known fact that not being able to quickly tend to your line will undoubtedly lead to that fish being deeply hooked. The mortality rate of a fish that is deeply hooked is very low. Since you have no control over what you’re going to hook you could be in violation of the regulations. An undersized fish, a fish in a certain slot limit or trophy that could be released could be killed because you choose to fish in your slippers. 

1/21/21 @ 9:58 AM
USER SINCE 9/15/01

These are the ones I'd recommend.  If cabin is close by, you can use your phone as the signal receiver...or if you'd rather take your phone out of the process, get a receiver to set in the window.  Also, the receiver can act as a "repeater" to pick up the signal half way to your phone and send it through.  It extends the range of your farther away setups.

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