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Marcum lx5i or M3

11/25/17 @ 5:02 PM
User since 11/25/17

I’m looking at getting a new flasher. I have seen some pretty good deals on last year models the lxi series but know the new m series are supposed to be brighter and also are brushless with less issues. What are people’s thougts? Initially I was going To get an m3 but I can get the lx5i for the same price as the new m3. Would it be worth getting the newer version and only getting the m3 vs lx5i? I’m sure the new ones are quieter, more efficient, and brighter. Where I fish I probably wouldn’t benefit from the dual beam. Is the super fine line all that and more? does anyone know how much the m3 will go for at the St. Paul ice show?

Any opinions are appreciated

11/27/17 @ 3:49 PM
Paddle Power
Paddle Power
User since 1/6/17

My vote goes to the M3. I have a Marcum VX1-Pro now and if I had to replace it with a Marcum unit that's what I'd go with, unless you can find a good deal on an LX3 or LX5. Two of my friends have LX-5 units and while they're nice I personally don't think the dual beam is worth the extra price, keep in mind this is just my very novice opinion. To me rocking the transducer side to side in the hole before you fish does the same thing, I'm sure someone here can educate me on how it's not the same thing.The movable zoom is pretty sweet though if you are fishing for anything suspended, but that's where the M3 comes in. Most of my experience comes from getting out fished EVERY time I'm out with an old timer buddy of mine that I swear is using the second FL8 Vex ever made.

Other than the rod holders and maybe the LED I'm failing to see where the value is in the lithium shuttle. I always have a spare SLA battery and Batteries Plus or Fleet Farm usually has what you're looking for in a SLA battery and they're pretty cheap. I can't imagine what that lithium battery costs to replace.

11/27/17 @ 11:47 AM
User since 12/19/11

I've heard that you can expect to get 15-20% off MSRP at the fishing shows but I can't verify that.

I think you'd be disappointed spending the money and not getting the M-series. I'm a vexilar guy but the new M-series marcum look pretty awesome. I'd recommend messing around with both of them on demo mode before making your desision, the lighting and brushless features are actually pretty nice from the little bit I've played with them at the store.

The shuttle is a nice feature too, but you could go with the M-5 and skip the shuttle if you're looking at bumping up your price range.

11/27/17 @ 10:58 AM
User since 12/22/04

get the dual beam....I actually fish a tri-beam and use it alot.   Bottom zoom is also hand in certain situations if you are perch fishing in deeper water. 

11/27/17 @ 10:30 AM
User since 2/13/17

I'd go M3. Brushless. I'd also consider spending the extra cash and go lithium while you're at it. The new Shuttle is pretty cool.

Just an M3 should be less than 400.00

1/29/03 @ 8:13 PM
User since 1/8/03

The duel beam is the best feature. when fishing in bush and other structure  put the smaller cone to keep the flasher clean and not picking up junk.Also when looking for a drop off the smaller cone will find it the larger cone will false read a drop off. Go on youtube look up Marcum the dual beam advantage.

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