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Jiffy PRO 4 Running (propane) - What is normal?

12/20/14 @ 11:31 AM
User since 6/6/13
I just bought a new Jiffy PRO 4 Propane auger after lots of good reviews out there. I hear lots of people getting the machine to start in 1 pull. That is exactly what I get...when I've already run the machine and need to start it again to drill a new hole. However...

Question 1: When I first screw on a new propane tank and try starting the engine (weather even in the 30's or 40's) I need to pull the starter handle at LEAST a dozen times. I've tried no throttle, full throttle and everything in between. 3/4 seems to work best...but that first start I need to crank and crank. After started and shut down again...I can start 1 pull no throttle easily. But is this normal for the first start?

Question 2: Once running, there is no "middle ground" on the throttle. It's either idle or full throttle - both run great. I was expecting just like a chain saw or leaf blower that if I give 1/4 or 1/2 throttle it would run at 1/4 or 1/2 power. It does not - instead it bogs down. Doesn't shut off..just runs poor. Is this normal? I let it warm up a few minutes first. I don't need to be drilling holes "slow" i guess so not a huge problem, but doesn't seem right.

Any help? Thanks, Brandon

1/18/16 @ 1:40 PM
User since 2/9/10
Reporting back: Jiffy offered to pay for a replacement hose and labor to replace. When I took it in, converting it to a gen 3 was recommended, which costs more because more parts need to be replaced. I am going to pay the difference ($100) and have it converted to hopefully avoid this happening in the future. I think that was a fair solution and compromise. I'm still disappointed in the quality, but at least the customer service was there.

1/14/16 @ 3:59 PM
MEMBER since 12/22/09
Brandon Call Feldmans in Sheboygan Falls Talk to service, they will help you . I have the same pro4 . If you pull it more than 3 times it needs something.Terry Big Smile

1/14/16 @ 9:58 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
That is great that Jiffy is going to stand behind their product. Report back and let us know what the resolution is/was.

1/14/16 @ 8:13 AM
Donald Schnering
User since 12/22/09
I have problems when the auger is on it's side where the liquid Lp is in the top of the bottle and is feeding into the motor. Also you have to set the auger with tank side up for oil in the carb reasons as the instruction manual mentions.

Schnering Rentals
(701) 378-2600
1/13/16 @ 10:27 PM
User since 2/9/10
Reporting back as promised. I received an email from Jiffy and they are going to resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner. Smile

1/12/16 @ 11:25 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
Many times on gasoline motors that are manufactured over seas, they are shipped out of adjustment to accommodate our pollution standards. I do know that at least for Eskimo Propane Augers, they are manufactured and tested during the warm weather. From the factory the idle needs to be adjusted for cold weather, This is stated right in the manual, guess what I am a manual reader.

1/11/16 @ 7:56 PM
User since 3/15/08
Someone I know bought a Pro4 last year and was having trouble starting, idling, and lacked power. Jiffy told him to take it to a warranty center and they turned an adjustment screw on the carb and it start and runs perfect. Took 5 mins. The guy who fixed said it is common for them to be out of adjustment from the factory.

1/11/16 @ 7:45 PM
User since 10/30/06
Thanks everyone for the responses. I spent time on hold with Jiffy today and during that time I ordered the fuel delivery system online. Then hung up. Smile

Good luck fishing ! First time out this year for me this coming weekend !

1/11/16 @ 6:04 PM
User since 12/26/11
Having the same issue with my Pro 4. I bought the Pro4 lite and I am extremely disappointed so far. Had it for 10 days and it starts and runs much worse than my 17 year old Strikemaster chipper did. Takes several pulls, won't idle without shutting off, turns off immediately after touching throttle. I know it's possibly a carb issue, but it's less than 10 holes in. Hopefully as it breaks in, it improves.

1/11/16 @ 1:25 PM
User since 2/9/10
The 1st and 2nd generations have issues with fuel delivery, which in my opinion is a design flaw since the 3rd generation has a completely different system.

From what I've read on other forums, it sounds like Jiffy was previously taking care of the problem by dealing directly with the customer and in some cases they were sending replacement parts free of charge. That is no longer the case.

When I contacted them, the customer service rep (the only person in the department) said that as of this summer they are now sending everyone who has a problem to one of their authorized service centers. The reason given was, "we have to send everyone to service centers we actually don’t handle the replacement parts we have passed that on to our service centers because it was getting to big for us and it was taking us 2 weeks at times to get back to people".

I wonder if that means that the poor design of the 1st and 2nd generations of the Pro 4 caused them to be inundated with customer service claims. And I wonder if that is why they are now passing the claims on to 'service centers' which are middle men that will demand payment for parts and labor if the auger is outside the small warranty window. I could be wrong.

I called the service center in my town and they are no longer servicing Jiffy augers. That didn't last long.Wondering

I edited this post because I heard back from customer service this morning after not receiving a response to my last two emails. I'll reserve my judgement until I get a final decision from them on the issue.

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