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Jiffy Pro 4 lite

1/16/14 @ 7:16 AM
Point Muskie Hunter
Point Muskie Hunter
User since 1/28/13
My strikemaster honda broke and doesn't work so can anyone tell me about how good the new jiffy pro 4 lite works.

2/4/18 @ 9:18 AM
User since 3/6/09

I've had a factory demo for 2 years and so far so good. If it is really cold a few pulls to start, after that 2nd pull everytime.  Only issue I've had is the blades icing up in extreme cold, a guy with an ion had the same issue though.

2/4/18 @ 7:06 AM
User since 2/12/15

had one since they were introduced . first year replaced power head..

no complaints until yesterday...i believe the clutch or transmission broke. rattles like crazy and when trying to pull start the auger turns.. getting an Ion today.. had to fight with Jiffy over the power head.. Ive had enough   

1/26/18 @ 12:04 PM
User since 1/27/12

LeviM.....I took mine to John's Saw Service near Neenah on Clayton Ave, he had to get a special tuning tool from Jiffy to tweak the carburetor, apparently they have made it so you can only tune the new carburetors with this special tool.  He had it fixed in a few minutes once the tool arrived, it runs awesome now........I drilled about 30 holes with it last week, it ran great!

1/20/18 @ 11:13 PM
MEMBER since 2/25/12

Birdizle, I had the same problem with a brand new pro 4 last year.  Took it to a bait shop in Oshkosh and had it repaired under warranty. It was exactly the same when I picked it up. Took it to two other service places and got the same info from everyone. Runs like a pos. I ended up selling it. Never had that issue with the two others I own. (Both are older.). 

1/17/18 @ 6:56 PM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

I love my Lite and never had a problem. Had this one at least 3 seasons. When you start it, You pull once, then it starts on second pull. Been this way for 3 years, and works the same this season. 

1/15/18 @ 11:42 PM
User since 12/22/09

I had a jiffy propane Very heavy, But worked great, But theres water in the propane ! So  change the oil every time you use it. 

1/5/18 @ 9:21 AM
MEMBER since 5/11/03

Sandbar, I have a Pro4 that had the same issue. Turned out to be how I was setting it down on the ice or in the truck. With a 4 stroke,  oil can drain back into and through the engine. You need to keep the carb side up when laying it down. When I first saw the oil I started laying it down with the oil fill hole up which turned out to be the wrong way.

It does state this in the manual but I never remember reading that part when I first got it. Mine is not the newer lite model but I bet its the same problem.

When on the ice I usually just drill a 1\2 hole and leave it standing upright. Best auger I've ever owned, never one other issue.

1/4/18 @ 12:07 PM
User since 1/27/12

Drilled some holes with my "new" Jiffy Pro 4 Lite "Demo model" last night, there is a target zone on the throttle of about 1/16" to get enough power to drill, any more throttle it will die....any less it won't drill.  The service guys at Jiffy/Feldman are telling me I likely need a carb adjustment, possible running too rich, I can either return it to them or take to a service center.  Seems like a pretty simple adjustment but I'm not sure if I should be taking the carb apart myself to find the right screw to adjust given it's on warranty.  It's definitely no the idle screw.  Anyone know anything about these propane engine carburetors?

1/4/18 @ 11:47 AM
User since 12/2/14

I have a Jiffy 4G-lite, and it has a small oil leak.  Before I take it in, is this something anyone else has heard and can I fix it myself.  I don't get to ice fish often, so not looking to invest $400 plus on an upgrade because I won this in a raffle.  Thoughts?  Thank you for the help.

1/3/18 @ 2:26 PM
User since 2/8/11

I have had mine for a few years now. The only problem I have had was the timing belt. Once I replaced it no problems. Mine has always cut back at full throttle, I guess I just learned no need to run at full throttle. Fish every weekend and usually can go a whole season on 2 to 3 tanks and I do drill quite a few holes every time out. As far as ice build up I run it after taking out of the fresh hole to spin water off of the blades and never lay it down on the snow. I put the blade cover back on. 

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